Key Plot Elements:
-Xander must dress as an important character associated with a specific space ship.
-Said ship must qualify as a Ship of the Line, meaning that it is one of the most advanced available to the people at the time, is a fleet flagship, etc.
-Said ship must be a military ship or a very unique/interesting civilian craft.
-Said ship must be a sizeable craft, not a runabout, shuttle or small freighter.
-Said ship should contain onboard a full complement of fuel, supplies, and armaments, including any smaller craft such as shuttles ordinarily associated with the ship.
-Said ship should NOT possess any of its usual crew complement beyond digital sentience. I.E. if the ship possesses artificial bodies controlled by the ship’s AI then they should still exist on the ship. An example is the “Ship Made Flesh” android body of Rommy on the Andromeda Ascendant.
-Said ship is created in orbit above Sunnydale at the same time as Ethan’s spell is invoked.
-Xander must have a means to access the ship, either via remote access of computer systems to teleport aboard, remote piloting of a shuttle, or a shuttle being created near his location when the spell activates.
-The ship and any associated hardware, including Xander’s costume, will remain 100% real after Ethan’s spell ends.
-Xander should possess all the memories and skills of the character he goes for Halloween as after the spell ends.
-Xander should either possess the necessary training/understanding of the ship to be able to perform repairs, or the ship should possess a computer capable of instructing him in its repair if not outright sentient.
-Xander will undergo any physical or physiological changes required to leave him permanently as the character/a member of the character’s species after the spell ends, even though his own personality returns to control his mind.
-The Buffy universe for the story MUST be blended with at least one other universe that involves an appropriate setting for crossing. I.E., series like Bleach, Ranma ½, etc. are not acceptable as they are not space-involved sci-fi series. The blended series must NOT be from the same universe as Xander’s costume.
-Xander should make use of the ship to aid himself in shaping his own future. He may use it as a technological base to make money and build forces to make a new home, or even just take the ship and some friends and go out to explore the universe.

-No matter what the normal means of FTL propulsion is native to Xander’s universe, the technology of his ship should still operate as presented in the source material. This applies to everything from sensors, to propulsion, to medical technology.

-When the spell ends with so much chaos magic the planet is utterly destroyed, or made uninhabitable, killing everyone that is still on it.

Examples of ships: Star Trek ships: USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E), USS Voyager, USS Defiant, and the Delta Flyer, Jem'Hadar battleship, Vor'cha-class, Scimitar . Stargate Atlantis: The Puddle Jumper or Jumper, Aurora-Class Battleship, Ancient City ship or Atlantis. Asgard vessels: Asgard Mothership, Asgard Science Vessel. Earth-built spacecraft: F-302, X-303 or Prometheus, BC-304 or Daedalus-class battlecruiser. Goa'uld ships Ha'tak or Goa'uld mothership, Anubis' flagship. Ori starships: Ori motherships. Wraith starships: Wraith dart, Wraith cruiser, Wraith hive ships, Super Hive ship. StarWars: Jedi starfighter, Malevolence Separatist Superweapon, Millennium Falcon, Sith InfiltratorSecretive and Deadly, Slave IHow the Fetts Fly, Trade Federation battleshipDroid Control Ship, Venator Class Star Destroyer Resolute. Xenosaga ships: The Durandal , The Kukai Foundation, The Elsa von Brabant or Elsa, The Dämmerung, The Woglinde . Macross Frontier ships: Bishop Class Vajra Mothership, Knight Class Vajra Carrier, Macross Quarter Class Variable Space Carrier, 2.9 SDF-1,2,3,4, Island Cluster Class Colonization Ship (Macross 25/Macross Frontier). Andromeda ships: Ganglia Drift, Arkology, Andromeda Ascendant, Eureka Maru.

For list of other spacecraft go to: or or

For a site the can give you info on many movies/games/shows/etc etc:

The list of stories below are stories I recommend reading or smiming over at Twisiting the Hellmouth for ideas for this challenge or other stories you might write:

Xander Harris: The Iron Tau'ri: YAHF Xander goes as one of his favorite marvel comic characters, but gets more than he's bargained for and sets off a chain reaction that changes their entire universe. smart replicators

A Halloween Universe: Summary: YAHF After Halloween changes him and his charges, Giles gets very ambitious about just what they should do with their new powers. Just in case anybody doesn't know by now, no Summers family.

The Traveller Chronicles: Summary: YAHF. As a cosmic entity from another reality meddles with Ethan’s spell, history changes its course for the Sunnydalers.

Ship of the Line: I AM the Starship: What happens when you combine a Force lance, a Sorosuub S-5 Security Blaster, a PeaceKeeper uniform, Federation Combadge and tricorder? Well when you’re Xander Harris only the Creator knows for sure.

Below is an example of what kind of ship would be goo for this challenge.

Now the Ship of the Line I chose for this is the Venator Class Star Destroyer Resolute from the Clone Wars Cartoon, therefore making Xander dressing up as Anakin Skywalker.

“Anyways it appears this ship sports a full fighter compliment of one hundred ninety two Z-95H Headhunters, seventy-two BTL-B Y-Wings, forty-eight V-19 Torrents, twenty-four Delta-Sevens and thirty-six ARC-170s. However that is not all for apparently this ship is configured for deep-space operations and sports six I-C2 Construction Droids, and twenty-four RB-I3 Zero-Gee Repair and Worker Droids to help keep the ship in operation for a long time. There is also twelve I-M3 Mining Droids which paired with the docked Factory Ship configured Pelta Class Frigate docked to the port docking bay and the forty or so WP-I3 Zero-Gee Worker Pods we can pretty much be self-sufficient.”

“Well that is not all we have for there is a Charger c75 configured Consular Class docked in the ventral bay,” Xander continued with a large grin on his face while the others once more looked over at him in shock for the c75 configuration was a far-more powerful variant of the normal Charger c70 configured ships. Basically they sported a pair of heavy torpedo launchers, four duel small point-defense laser cannons, and four medium turbolaser cannons. The shields of these new refits was just about twice the strength of the earlier c70 refit. Overall it was a superior ship over the original Charger c70 variant."

“Well it appears that the largest cargo bay on the ship, the one usually set aside to store a Type III Prefabricated Base has been turned into a full cloning facility, that is enough to give us plenty of personal to not only man this ship but both the Pelta and Consular.”

“Kaminoan cloning which takes somewhere between seven to ten years to grow and fully train a single one of their clones. However according to this information, this cloning facility is not a Kaminoan facility nor is it a even faster but flawed Spaarti Cloning Facility. No this facility is quite different which will allow us to create an army in the matter of several months upwards to a year depending on how much training the clones would need for their assigned purpose. So give us two to three years we would have plenty of personal to man these ships”