Major Plot Points: -You choice on what universe/TV show/Movie/manga/cartoon/comic/book/video game/etc etc the character is from and who they are.

-A book appears in front of a character giving them choices on different races they can become and a option to teloport them to a different planet/universe. After they pick one the book tells them about what they would have found out when they got older. i.e. a summary of the state of of Earth and or the galaxy.

Example of planets and universes the character could get teloported to: Example Say a Replicator controled planet in th Ida Galaxy, a in a galaxy far far away is a planet that the empire and the republic use as a scrapyard (Raxus Prime) or in the shadow lands of Kashyyyk (On the ground beneith all the trees.), a planet in the Delta Quadrant, a planet near Deep Space Nine, a planet in the Seefra system were the Andromeda is at, a planet that has the WoW world on it, a planet in the Pegasus Galaxy, a planet that has the Elder Scrolls world on it, a univers were Tera Nova takes place, a univers were the Halo game takes place, a univers were Resident Evil movie/game takes place, a universe were Mass Effect takes place, A universe were the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings movies/games/books takes place, a univers were the Xenosaga takes place, a univers were the matrix movies/games take place, Macross Frontier univers, a planet you design, alternate universe you design, one of your own fan fic stories.

-What is said in the book: Any race you pick will make you undergo any physical or physiological changes required to become the race you pick permanently. You can choose what level of knowledge on the race's tech/magic be it basic to high that you are granted.

Five Elements: Earth Air Wood Metal Water

Races: Air: Alteran, Wraith Earth:Worgen, Goblin Metal: The Five, Human-form Replicator Wood: Wildvine, Methanosians Water: Piscciss Volann,?

-Alterans: The Alterans are a humanoid race. Among their many achievements, the Stargates and Atlantis are perhaps their most famous, but they have also developed technology as diverse as flying cities, advanced power sources, advanced healing devices and DNA Resequencers. Much of the Alterans' weapons technology was used or designed for use in the centuries-long war with the Wraith. Much of Alterans technology requires the presence of the ATA gene to use, but numerous instances requiring only the gene to activate it, once active anyone can use it regardless, for instance much of the day to day technology of Atlantis.

Abilities: Altarens can make weaponry, vehicles, and tech of all kinds. [Engineering](passive) Allows you to take anything that is not biological apart and allows you to make asortment of diffrent kinds of tech items and machiens. A few tech items: personal sheild, puddle jumper, stun granade, stargate,city ship, etc etc. Many also give bonuses to combat statistic increas armor value, increased damage, or, increesed speed, deffence etc etc. [Brain Power](Passive)High I.Q. 250 avrege I.Q. if not higher.

-Wraith: The Wraith are intelligent humanoids who are genetically close to insects, though they are predominantly human. They are a vampire-like telepathic race who feed on the "life-force" of humans by puting their hand on the bar chest of a lifeform to absorb ther lifeforce through their hand in to their own body.Wraith can transfer the lifeforce from thier bodies to another lifeform the same way they aquired it to make the other persone younger. Wraith are biologically immortal and do not possess the life-inhibiting proteins that cause aging. Provided they have something to feed on, their life span is effectively indefinite. They are stronger than humans, with some individuals being strong enough to hurl an adult human a considerable distance with minimal effort. They are also extremely agile, able to leap up several yards from a standing start. Wraith bodies are highly resilient, able to survive oceanic pressures that would crush a human, and possess remarkable regenerative abilities. Their regeneration is directly related to how recently they have fed; a fully fed Wraith can heal multiple bullet wounds in seconds.

There are three kinds of Wraith: Warriors/drone, basic foot soldiers who have well-defined musculature and masks that entirely cover their faces. The warriors are unimaginative and have rigid thought patterns. Averege I.Q. 120-150

The second type are natural Wraith. A Male Wraith is slimmer and more intelligent and are capable of graowing Wraith ships and other Wraith buildings (Your choice on what kinds of buildings they can make.). Have a appreciation for beauty, a personal code of honor, and even a sense of humor. Average I.Q. 160-200

The third are the Wraith Queens are the last type of Wraith they command hive ships and are the only Wraith capable of reproduction. Young female Wraith eat and grow in the same way as humans, until in adolescence their digestive systems become non-functional and they develop the need to feed on other life forms. Have a appreciation for beauty, a personal code of honor, and even a sense of humor just like the male Wraith. Average I.Q. 160-250

-Worgen: The Worgen are a race of lupine humanoids. Worgens can appear in either their human form or their worgen form. The worgen retained the skills they had as humans and can continue using them after their transformation.

Racial abilities and traits: [Darkflight] (3 min cooldown) Activates your Worgen form (increases movement speed by 40% for 10 sec). [Viciousness] (passive) Increases the chance of hitting a vital spot when you fight in hand-to-hand combat. [Aberration] (passive) Gives resistance to both Nature and Shadow spells. [Animale Toung](Passive) Allowes you to speak and understand any animal [Flayer] (passive) Gives the abilitie to skin other lifeforms for matrieals to make items and armor.[Leatherworking] (Passive) Allows you to use the hides you skined from other life forms to make armor and other items. [Two Forms] (1.5 sec cooldown) Transforms you between human and worgen forms. [Running Wild] Drop to all fours to run as fast as a wild animal (30-40mph) for 15 sec. [Carry Over] (passive) When a Worgen mates with a female be it in humane form or not it passes on the Worgen curs/virus to it's offspring which can pass it on to their offspring and so fourth. [Iffection] (Passive) If a open wound gets Worgen spit/salivea in it during the next full moon that person will become a Worgon.

-Goblin: The Goblin race originally were the slaves of jungle trolls on the Isle of Kezan, the goblin race was forced to mine kaja'mite ore out of the volcanic bowels of Mount Kajaro. The trolls used this potent mineral for their voodoo rituals, but it had an unexpected effect on the slaves who were in constant contact with it: kaja'mite generated a startling new cunning and intelligence in the goblins. Crafting their own powerful artifacts of engineering and alchemy in secret, the goblins soon overthrew their oppressors and claimed Kezan for their homeland. The goblins' natural greed soon lifted them to prominence as masters of mercantilism. Goblins can make weaponry, vehicles, and gadgets of all kinds.

Racial abilities and traits: [Rocket Jump] (2 min cooldown), shared with Rocket Barrage) Activates your rocket belt to jump forward (20-70ft all depends on how long you the botton to jump.). [Rocket Barrage] (2 min cooldown, shared with Rocket Jump) Launches your belt rockets at an enemy, dealing fire/heat damage(temp 120f). [Time is Money] (passive) A 1% increase to attack and spell casting speed. [Best Deals Anywhere] (passive) Always receive the best discount when you buy anything. [Engineering](passive)Allows you to take anything that is not biological apart and allows you to make custom made items that do everything from snare or mind control opponents to being able to augment your own items/gear. While most of these  gadgets (increased movement speed, rockets, parachutes), many also give bonuses to combat statistic abilities (armor value, more damage, increesed speed, etc).

-The Five: The Five are a race that look humanoid. Their race has five primary abilities that got them their name "The Five".

Racial abilities and traits: The ability to control and manipulate metal (think Magneto from x-men dos not matter which one), High Intelligence level (200-300 averege I.Q.), body invisibility (Just the body itself as any clothes or artical of clothing dos not go invisible), teleportation, longevity.

Minor racial abilities and traits: Able to heal others, able to absorb all kinds of energy (plasma, lighting/eletrical, radiation, heat, kenetick energy, etc etc)

-Human-form Replicators: Human-form Replicators are the evolved from the Standard Replicators. The Standard Replicators are composed of modular blocks, comparable to individual computers, that come together to perform tasks. The blocks generate a "reactive modulating monopolar energy field" that allows them to self-assemble into various configurations. Each Replicator block contains two million "isolated keron pathways".All Replicators are interconnected via a subspace network. Replicator blocks can assemble into any form needed;  the most commonly encountered shape is a small "bug" with four limbs and "wings" on its back. The bug can upgrade itself into a larger "queen" to facilitate replication. Large numbers of Replicators can form into starships. The Replicators can make a skeletal structure that can implant itself into sombody, to gain access to their mind. The Replicator structure continues to function even after the body is destroyed. Replicators utilize whatever materials are available. Multiple blocks are required for replication, and the process requires a large amount of energy. Replicators adapt very quickly to new technologies and they are capable of enhancing technology they encounter beyond its original specifications. Replicators are impervious to all handheld energy weapons. They can be shattered by projectile firearms, though given time and relative proximity to each other, the blocks will re-assemble. Replicator bugs produce a corrosive liquid ("Replicator spray") capable of dissolving through any known material but concrete and glass. In close quarters, they can produce an electrical discharge to kill their opponents. Replicator bugs are strong for their size. The Human-form Replicators are claytronic in nature. They are physically indistinguishable from humans and possess immense strength and resilience, lacking the traditional Replicators' vulnerability to firearms. They are capable of interfacing with the mind of a human by extending their hand into the victim's forehead. Human-form Replicators can restructure parts of themselves to form implements such as stabbing weapons, or disconnect portions from the whole.Neutronium or Platinum or kaja'mite or Mithril are elements that can be used in the construction of human-form Replicators. Human-form Replicators can make the bug form Replicators and other Human-form Replicators.

Wildvine's appearance : Wildvine has five vine-like legs, four long fingers on his hands and flytrap-shaped flaps covering his head. He has blue colored bulbs on his shoulders. He has pods on his back that can either be used as explosives or smoke bombs. He also has one blue eye in the middle of his face.

Wildvine can grow seeds on his back that contain a whole host of substances (lethal and non-lethal).Wildvine can grow and retract his body and can merge with plant life, like a tree and control its branches. Wildvine can grow spikes on his legs, then slam them down on enemies, as well as spin in the air to scatter seed bombs, and throw seed bombs into the air, basically raining them down on his enemies. Wildvine is capable of comunicating with other plant life. Wildvine is capable of quickly digging underground.Wildvine can grow thorns on his body.Wildvine is immune to the effects of gases such as a flame retardant. Wildvine can produce offspring by planting a type of seed pod he has on his back in the ground.

Abilities: Elasticity, Explosive Seeds, Chlorokinesis, Able to merge with plant life (Ounce you are merged to a plant of any kind you can leve your Wildvine form in the plant and emerg from said plant (Still having most of the abilities that the Wildvine form had) in a humanoid form that has green hair green nails and green eyes the rest of what the body would look like is diffrent for each Wildvine), Fast Digging, Enhanced Strength, Sharp Thorns, Enhanced Agility, and Regeneration. [Better Living Through Chemistry] (passive) You are have a innate talent in Alchemy/potion making. [Herbalism](passive) Allows you to find and harvest herbs from plants to use for Alchemy/potion making. [Carry Over] (passive) When a Wildevine mates with a female the off spring will have the same ablities as Wildvine dos and they can pass the abilities on to their children and so fourth.

Weaknesses: Wildvine requires water and sunlight to survive and has a weakness for fire.

Methanosians' appearance: Methanosians are a humanoid plant-like alien species with a green and black colored body with root-like feet seemingly holding rocks. Also, their shoulders and head have red and yellow petals. Methanosians can have either four or five fingers.Methanosians are taller than an average human and have a distinct rotten stench that worsens with heat.A Methanosian's voice is very stuffy and nasally because Methanosians lack noses.

Powers and Abilities: Methanosians have a wide array of powers, such as regeneration powers, the ability to slip through tight spaces, enhanced strength, chlorokinesis, stretching, and the ability to alter their body. They can emit flames through their hands and mouths via igniting the methane in their bodies, through which they are able to propel themselves in the air if they orient their hands similarly to a rocket engine. Methanosians have the ability to ignite methane in their hands to project fire. Methanosians can also breathe fire. Methanosian's methane is strong enough to knock a human unconsious. Methanosians have limited flight by launching fire as jet propulsion. Methanosians have a high degree of chronokinesis. Methanosian is able to manipulate his biological agriculture to stretch their limbs, change their shape or grow extra limbs. Methanosians can reattach detatched body parts by manipulating their vine-like "veins" to reach out and meld with the insides of the detatched limb. Methanosians could instead regenerate a lost limb or reform if destroyed and their body parts are close enough. Methanosians have superhuman strength. Methanosians has a form of enhanced speed. Methanosians can channel their flames into a concentrated fireball or fire beam, tunnel underground and burst in a coating of flames. Methanosians are capable igniting their hands for "flaming fists", creating a ring of fire, and causing thorny vines to sprout from the ground. Methanosians are able to ignite plants they are controlling. Simplified above paragraph: Flame Projection Chlorokinesis, Enhanced Strength, Regeneration, Methane Projection, Body Alteration, Enhanced Speed, and Fire Breath

Weaknesses: If a Methanosian is attacked while regenerating, the regeneration halts. Methanosians can be frozen, though they can thaw out by igniting their methane

Piscciss Volanns's appearance: Piscciss Volanns have multiple gills and an antenna on their head for deep sea diving. When young, their teeth are external but they become internal as they get older. Their bodies are covered in protective scales with claws on their appendages. As a Piscciss Volann grows older, the need for water will decrease, making them partly amphibious.

Powers and Abilities: Piscciss Volanns are incredible swimmers who are amazingly fast and agile in the water. A Piscciss Volann's huge mouth filled with rows of razor-sharp teeth that can bite through almost anything. Their lower jaw unhinges, enabling Piscciss Volanns to hold larger objects in their mouths. Piscciss Volanns use their claw-tipped fins to fight in a unique "zero gravity" style that makes them masters of aquatic combat. As Piscciss Volanns have gills, they are able to breath underwater. Piscciss Volanns can easily withstand crushing pressure underwater. Though Piscciss Volanns are able to walk on land, they are not nearly as able-bodied on land as they are underwater. Simplified above paragraph: Steel-Bending Jaws, Sharp Teeth, Sharp Claws, Enhanced Strength, Underwater Breathing, Transform legs into Fish Tail and back at will, Agile Swimmer, Glowing Antenna

Weaknesses: A Piscciss Volann's greatest weakness is that they cannot stay on land for too long. If a Piscciss Volann wants to stay on land, they would require water to keep them from dehydrating. If they don't have water while on land, they could die.

Amperi appearance: Amperi are jellyfish-like beings. They have four tentacle-like arms and two legs. Three hood-like parts make up their head and torso, with the upper most being the head and the lower two being the torso. They are blue in color, with a white pattern covering their entire body. They are aquatic, but can survive out of water.

Powers and Abilities: Amperi are electric, Amperi electrokinesis, Amperi can manipulate, and produce lightning and electricity. Amperi can launch them in electrical blasts, is capable of generating a large energy blast surrounding them. Amperi can also absorb electrical energy and relaunch the attacks. Amperi are also enabled to melt into pure energy to enter electrical currents. Amperi have the ability to become intangible, Amperi are capable of combining that with thier electrokinesis to electrocute objects and beings they phase through. Amperi can read thoughts of other life forms through sensing the electrical pulses of the mind. Amperi are capable of flight. Amperi have tentacles can extend multiple times their length. Amperi lack of bones allows them to squeeze into extremely tight spaces. Amperi are capable of respiring underwater and swimming at enhanced speeds. Simplified above paragraph: Abilities Electrokinesis, Electrical Teleportation, Electrical Absorption,
Electrical Redirection, Telepathy, Mind Reading, Structure Alteration, Flight, Speed Swimmer, Underwater Respiration, Stretchable Arms, and Intangibility

Weaknesses: Amperi can use thier electricity underwater, but if they are using electricity while entering water, or only part of them is in the water, they will electrocute themselves.

Changelings: The Changelings are a sapient amorphous race with outstanding shapeshifting abilities. They are a very ancient civilization. Most of them reside on a small rogue planet in the Omarion Nebula, located in the Gamma Quadrant.

Biology and Racial Abilities: The Changelings are an extreme example of an alternative form of life. Their natural state is that of a golden liquid, but they are able to take virtually any form they wish, including solids, liquids, gases and even plasma or fire. They first have to come into contact with what they want to chang into. After that they can change to that shape any time they want. They must return to their liquid state every 16 hours, but as they get older they have more time befor they have to revert back to their liquid form. Until they only have to return to their liquid form if they want to.

A Changeling's body is not made out of cells, but of a biomolecular structure known as their morphogenic matrix. The lack of cells means that Changelings are not affected by senescence, being biologically immortal as a result.They have no sense of smelling and their minds cannot be read even by naturally telepathic species. when a Changeling assumes a specific form, it does not only mimic its external appearance, but its ultimate structure as well. When they become rocks, for example, a sensor will not detect them as lifeforms. Also, they are able to morph themselves into fully functional electronic devices. This doesn't make them vulnerable, however, since they can immediately return to their liquid state at anytime. Another interesting aspect of their shapeshifting abilities is that when they morph into a much smaller object, they are able to truly reduce their apparent mass and weight, rather than just compress their volume. Changelings do not eat or drink, and need no air or any other substance to live. They are perfectly able to survive in space vacuum for unlimited periods of time. Since they need no sunlight either (their homeworld has no sun), it is a complete mystery how they get the energy they need for living. They can mate with any race and any offspring will have a changlings ablities when they reach their races young-adult stage.

Everything below this is your choice to put in the story examples:

-Your your choice is out of the races listed above which one will you character choose and if it is one with more than one choice for a race. Which one of them will your character pick.

-Your choice of who the character is.

-Your choice is how many other universes it crosses over with.

-Your character makes a base.

-If your character finds any other tech.

-If and how many offspring your character has.

-If your character has more than one mate.

-If your character has a way to get to and/or from the univers he or she came from