Plot Points:

-Who: Xander

-What: Xander got teloported to a diffrent planet or univers

-When: Holloween

-Were: SunnyHell

-Why: Janus the God of Chaos likes Xander due to his braking of prophecy saving Buffy from drowning by the Master thus causing chaos to both the forces of Light & Dark also forcing a change in the plans of TPTB ,Wolf Ram & Hart ,Watchers Council & Many others.

Janus knowing that the TPTB and Wolf Ram & Hart would make Xander suffer for interfering. So he knew how much chaos it would cuas if he made Xander deisseper and come back stronger than ever. So when his High preist called on him to empower a spell. Janus took his chance and makes Xander's costume 100% real after Ethan’s spell ends. Xander will undergo any physical or physiological changes required to leave him permanently as his costue and makes Xander possess all the memories and skills of the character he went as for Halloween after the spell ends. Then he teloports Xander to a planet/universe and tells Xander that when he thought he was strong enough (read: cause the most chaos) he would tell him how to make the tech to get him back to his home uniners/reality.

-Xander's costume is a Human-form Replicator

-Choose planet or make planet or unuvers Xander is telopoted to: Example Say a Replicator controled planet in th Ida Galaxy, a in a galaxy far far away is a planet that the empire and the republic use as a scrapyard (Raxus Prime) or in the shadow lands of Kashyyyk (On the ground beneith all the trees.), a planet in the Delta Quadrant, a planet near Deep Space Nine, a planet in the Seefra system were the Andromeda is at, a planet that has the WoW world on it, a planet in the Pegasus Galaxy, a planet that has the Elder Scrolls world on it, a univers were Tera Nova takes place, a univers were the Halo game takes place, a univers were Resident Evil movie/game takes place, a universe were Mass Effect takes place, A universe were the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings movies/games/books takes place, a univers were the Xenosaga takes place, a univers were the matrix movies/games take place, Macross Frontier univers.

-The Buffy universe for the story MUST be blended with at least one other universe that involves an appropriate setting for crossing. I.E., series like Bleach, Ranma ½, etc. are not acceptable as they are not space-involved sci-fi series.

Example of what to add:

-Replicators Xander creates are self-aware

Jamus adds a military ship or a very unique/interesting civilian craft from a space-involved sci-fi series such as a sizeable craft, a runabout, shuttle or small freighter and teloports it with Xander. Could be more than one craft.

Examples:Star Trek ships: USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E), USS Voyager, USS Defiant, and the Delta Flyer, Jem'Hadar battleship, Vor'cha-class, Scimitar . Stargate Atlantis: The Puddle Jumper or Jumper, Aurora-Class Battleship, Ancient City ship or Atlantis. Asgard vessels: Asgard Mothership, Asgard Science Vessel. Earth-built spacecraft: F-302, X-303 or Prometheus, BC-304 or Daedalus-class battlecruiser. Goa'uld ships Ha'tak or Goa'uld mothership, Anubis' flagship. Ori starships: Ori motherships. Wraith starships: Wraith dart, Wraith cruiser, Wraith hive ships, Super Hive ship. StarWars: Jedi starfighter, Malevolence Separatist Superweapon, Millennium Falcon, Sith InfiltratorSecretive and Deadly, Slave IHow the Fetts Fly, Trade Federation battleshipDroid Control Ship, Venator Class Star Destroyer Resolute. Xenosaga ships: The Durandal , The Kukai Foundation, The Elsa von Brabant or Elsa, The Dämmerung, The Woglinde . Macross Frontier ships: Bishop Class Vajra Mothership, Knight Class Vajra Carrier, Macross Quarter Class Variable Space Carrier, 2.9 SDF-1,2,3,4, Island Cluster Class Colonization Ship (Macross 25/Macross Frontier). Andromeda ships: Ganglia Drift, Arkology, Andromeda Ascendant, Eureka Maru.

For list of other spacecraft go to: or or

For a site the can give you info on many movies/games/shows/etc etc:

-Said ship should contain onboard a full complement of fuel, supplies, and armaments, including any smaller craft such as shuttles ordinarily associated with the ship.

-Said ship should NOT possess any of its usual crew complement beyond digital sentience. I.E. if the ship possesses artificial bodies controlled by the ship’s AI then they should still exist on the ship. An example is the “Ship Made Flesh” android body of Rommy on the Andromeda Ascendant.

-No matter what the normal means of FTL propulsion is native to Xander’s universe, the technology of his ship should still operate as presented in the source material. This applies to everything from sensors, to propulsion, to medical technology.

Bio of Human-form Replicators: Human-form Replicators are the evolved from the Standard Replicators. The Standard Replicators are composed of modular blocks, comparable to individual computers, that come together to perform tasks. The blocks generate a "reactive modulating monopolar energy field" that allows them to self-assemble into various configurations. Each Replicator block contains two million "isolated keron pathways".All Replicators are interconnected via a subspace network. Replicator blocks can assemble into any form needed;  the most commonly encountered shape is a small "bug" with four limbs and "wings" on its back. The bug can upgrade itself into a larger "queen" to facilitate replication. Large numbers of Replicators can form into starships. The Replicators can make a skeletal structure that can implant itself into sombody, to gain access to their mind. The Replicator structure continues to function even after the body is destroyed. Replicators utilize whatever materials are available. Multiple blocks are required for replication, and the process requires a large amount of energy. Replicators are attracted to the most advanced technologies available. Replicators adapt very quickly to new technologies and they are capable of enhancing technology they encounter beyond its original specifications. Replicators are impervious to all known handheld energy weapons, including zat'nik'tels and staff weapons. They can be shattered by projectile firearms, though given time and relative proximity to each other, the blocks will re-assemble. Replicator bugs produce a corrosive liquid ("Replicator spray") capable of dissolving through any known material but concrete and glass, including the nigh-invulnerable armor of Kull Warriors. In close quarters, they can produce an electrical discharge to kill their opponents. Replicator bugs are strong for their size. The Human-form Replicators are claytronic in nature. They are physically indistinguishable from humans and possess immense strength and resilience, lacking the traditional Replicators' vulnerability to firearms. They are capable of interfacing with the mind of a human by extending their hand into the victim's forehead. Human-form Replicators can restructure parts of themselves to form implements such as stabbing weapons, or disconnect portions from the whole.Neutronium is a crucial element in the construction of human-form Replicators. Human-form Replicators can make the bug form Replicators and other Human-form Replicators.