Premis of story:

Earth, The Near Future.

“They’re coming through! It doesn’t matter what we do!”

“I know.” Xander forced a smile even as he loaded shells into his shotgun. “Just make them pay for every inch of ground.”

The young Slayer stared back at him, eyes frightened. “Mr. Harris, there’s too many -.”

“I know,” he nodded. “Just make them pay.”

“Yes sir,” the Slayer squared her shoulders before making for the door. And then it exploded open, shards of wood flying everywhere, and they stormed in.

* * *

The Higher Planes

”NO! NO! NO!” Janus the God of Chaos shook his head even as he glared around the hushed assembly room; his fellow remaining Pantheon members watching events unfold in the All-Seeing Globe. “This is unacceptable! I did not fight for so many eons to see it end like this!”

“Someone has to have interfered with the timeline,” Seaxneat concluded. “The Goa’uld, Sebaceans, Jem'Hadar, and the Predators were to have slowed their advance.”

“Someone has to have interfered with the timeline,” Seaxneat concluded. “The Goa’uld, Sebaceans, Jem'Hadar, and the Predators were to have slowed their advance.”

“He’s right,” Dagda agreed. “The Dark Storm weren’t to reach earth for four centuries yet. Earth should be far more advanced to face them.”

“It must be The Elder Gods!” Camulos spat. “An outrage! The Non-Interference Pact we forced upon them quarter of a billion years ago has always chafed!”

“The more important question is what do we do about this?” asked Brahma. “The earth has always been this universe’s nexus, should it fall, the entire universe will descend into an unimaginable Darkness.”

Janus stared around the hall. It was a hall that had once seated over a thousand, but now held less than a tenth of that number. Wars with The Dread-Lords, The Thundering Cabal, Pain’s Hordes, The Steely Swarm, and lastly The Elder Gods had decimated his people. They, who had been the caretakers of the universe since its inception, stood at the edge of an abyss that not even they with all their great powers could easily climb out of. Immortal yes, invunerable no. They could and had died in great numbers for this universe, but since The Non-Interference Pact they had merely watched and gritted their teeth against what they had seen.

Perhaps that should end now. “If the other side can play around with the Fates then so can we,” Zeus decided.

”What do you suggest?” Camulos asked.

”The Slayers are this world’s most powerful warriors and its only true super-powered army. There are other super-powered indvividuals – the Charmed Ones and their ilk, but they are not organised for the most part.” Zeus smiled. “Perhaps we need to further empower our Slayer army and those who fight alongside them.”

“What are you hinting at?” Brahma demanded.

Othin’s chuckle sounded like a mountain falling. “I’m intrigued, what is your plan?”

“You recall the Sunnydale Halloween incident?” Zeus replied. “Perhaps we should organise it so that spell had more permament effects?”

”The spell only effected a handful of those that would be at the final battle,” Apsu put in. “And there’s always the chance they pick up costumes without powers.”

”Then we elimnate that chance,” Ra suggested.

”Perhaps you would do us the honour of wiping that grin off your face and sharing your grand idea.”

“As you wish.” Zeus smirked at Perun’s impatient suggestion. “Firstly we will ensure that only the chaos mage’s comstume shop will be open in the day in question, random accidents, illnesses to the other shops’ workers, that sort of thing. Optional: Secondly, we will influence some of those who will be at the last battle to move to Sunnydale – future Watchers, Potentials and compell them to attend the shop."

“That will get the subjects in place,” Ra slowly commented. “But what of powers?"

"Star Trek" Othin chuckled as his fellow higher beings turned towards him. “Over the past half century or so, the Americas in particular has developed an interesting tradition of makeing a space-involved sci-fi series of shows"

“A fine idea,” Janus approved before pausing. “Rayne uses a higher-level demon for the spell, if we focus our power through him, we can force the spell’s effects to be more long-lasting. Perhaps we should consider how best to optimise our world’s defenders?”

“Do you mean what Star Trek series to use?” Ra asked.

“That is part of what I was suggesting,” Zeus paused and glanced at Othin before continuing. “Though I am sure that Othin would be better suited to making that decision?”

“I would choose the Deep Space Nine its rich and varied in races with a varietea of tech. We can also pull in more than just the costumes and personalities but a complete ship to go with them.” Othin replied. "We could even teloport them to a diffrent univers to train then teloport them back or tell them how to build the tech to do so."

Exerpt from Hellmouth Heros by KColl at twisting the hellmouth.

-TDeep Space Nine will apear somwere in the solar system

-Deep Space Nine should contain onboard a full complement of fuel, supplies, and armaments, including any smaller craft such as shuttles ordinarily associated with the ship. (Your choice if other space ships appear with and docked to it. But if they do they Have to follow the same rules as Deep Space Nine. Dos not have to be Federation ships. Example of ships: USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E), USS Voyager, USS Defiant, and the Delta Flyer, Jem'Hadar battleship, Vor'cha-class, Scimitar . Stargate Atlantis: The Puddle Jumper or Jumper, Aurora-Class Battleship, Ancient City ship or Atlantis. Asgard vessels: Asgard Mothership, Asgard Science Vessel. Earth-built spacecraft: F-302, X-303 or Prometheus, BC-304 or Daedalus-class battlecruiser. Goa'uld ships Ha'tak or Goa'uld mothership, Anubis' flagship. Ori starships: Ori motherships. Wraith starships: Wraith dart, Wraith cruiser, Wraith hive ships, Super Hive ship. StarWars: Jedi starfighter, Malevolence Separatist Superweapon, Millennium Falcon, Sith InfiltratorSecretive and Deadly, Slave IHow the Fetts Fly, Trade Federation battleshipDroid Control Ship, Venator Class Star Destroyer Resolute. Xenosaga ships: The Durandal , The Kukai Foundation, The Elsa von Brabant or Elsa, The Dämmerung, The Woglinde . Macross Frontier ships: Bishop Class Vajra Mothership, Knight Class Vajra Carrier, Macross Quarter Class Variable Space Carrier, 2.9 SDF-1,2,3,4, Island Cluster Class Colonization Ship (Macross 25/Macross Frontier). Andromeda ships: Ganglia Drift, Arkology, Andromeda Ascendant, Eureka Maru.

For list of other spacecraft go to: or or

-Deep Space Nine should NOT possess any of its usual crew complement beyond digital sentience. Besides the people who were a costume thats one of the usal crew.

-Xander must have a means to access Deep Space Nine, either via remote access of computer systems to teleport aboard, remote piloting of a shuttle, or a shuttle being created near his location when the spell activates.

-Deep Space Nine and any associated hardware, including Xander’s costume, will remain 100% real after Ethan’s spell ends.

Optional: Those who dressed in costumes should either possess the necessary training/understanding of the ship to be able to perform repairs, or the ship should possess a computer capable of instructing them in its repair if not outright sentient.

Optional: Those who dressed in costumes will undergo any physical or physiological changes required to leave them permanently as the character's  species after the spell ends, even though their own personality returns to control their mind.

Optional: Some adults, class mates, and friends are to be caught up in the spell as well Ms Summers & Dawn ?? , Kendra ?? , Rupert Giles , Jenny Calendar.

Optional: All those who dressed up in costumes will move to Deep Space Nine , Then when the spell ends all on the Ship keep there scifi characters memories , knowledge & skills also any physical changers the character required are now permanent.

Optinal: Whoever is in charge should make use of Deep Space Nine to aid them in shaping their own future. They may use it as a technological base to make money and build forces on Earth, or ally with a force defending Earth, or even just take the ship and some friends and go out to explore the universe.

-No matter what the normal means of FTL propulsion is native to Xander’s universe, the technology of Deep Space Nine should still operate as presented in the source material. This applies to everything from sensors, to propulsion, to medical technology.

The list of stories below are stories I recommend reading or skimming over at Twisiting the Hellmouth for ideas for this challenge or other stories you might write:

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-A Halloween Universe: Summary: YAHF After Halloween changes him and his charges, Giles gets very ambitious about just what they should do with their new powers. Just in case anybody doesn't know by now, no Summers family.

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