What if Merlin wasn't the light Wizard everyone thought he was, what if Morgana was unjustly thought of.

The story:

Harry and Voldemort died when they fought in the battle of hogwarts. But instead of waking up in heaven or hell or wherever he thought he would pass on to, he wakes up in the medieval ages as a child. Mayhaps the work of death and the deathly hallows for it's master.

Born in a time where Men are getting more aggressive against the worlds mythical creatures and tries to enslave or exterminate them. Albion(England) itself is alight in the flames of war and in all of this a rich nobleman with his wife gets their firstborn child who happens to be our own Harry potter. Who happens to have some fragmented bits of his memories and HPs magical power makes the child of destiny stronger than ever and yet also more confused. As the heir to a prestigious and old family how will The Child of destiny change the world as we know it?

Plot guide:

Harry Soul bound to Morgana by anyway(accident, birth, life debt or even old love.)

Morgana is not purely evil, more grey with sparks of dark in it thanks to the world, as is Harry when his family dies thanks to betrayal by a close friend. Becomes with harry darker and darker thanks to another betrayal by Merlin. But never fully evil.

Merlin is a pompous bastard with an obsession for the greater good, which includes women suppression, manipulating, charming and defrauding.

Arthur is a good man but sadly very easy to manipulate and a bit daft.

Active Mythical presence.

Uthers Pendragon is the the king of the land where HP lives, when Harry is born.

Harry( with perhaps another first name, David, Aremis, Artemis, Henry and so on...) is heir to house Peverell or another big house with lots of money. Also if you can somehow make it HP becomes somehow the heir to Potter/Black and Slytherin.

Some kind of war between human kingdoms, while unrest is brewing in the magical races thanks to the suppression by Mage guild, or magistrate/pre-ministry.

Uniquely crafted wand/staff, Rather not the deathstick.

Some liberal use of demons/necromancy by our favored duo in their falling to evil.

Morgana is an activist for equal rights by everyone, even magical creatures. Alas in time bitterness and hate transform that golden goal into will to dominate and rule, and rule she shall with the combined power of the fabled child of destiny and the most famous witch in history.

Fairy Tail magical power levels, as in that a normal Wizard has around 100 to 500 while Druids tends to have a slightly bigger amount 150-550. The More advanced one's as in Lucius Malfoy, Molly Weasley, Sirius Black has around 500 to 2000 Then there are the stronger one's as in Bellatrix Lestrange, Severus Snape, Filius Flitwick, Minerva McGonagall has around 2000 - 3500 and the mages(Dumbledore and Voldemort,Harry Potter and maybe Morgana ) 3500 - 6000. Then we have the legendary Sorcerers as in Merlin, Harry Peverell and maybe Morgana has around 6000 and above. This is only the amount of magical power they posses not the skill they use it with. Sirius was an excellent dualer and Molly hit Bellatrix after she had to fight several powerful enemies.


long fic, 300-400k at mini.


Harry Potter/Peverell:

HPs magical power(Harry's own really strong melding with the babies quite strong magical power) and properties as in, talking to snakes, healing faster and has a stronger body than most thanks to have both basilisk and phoenix magic in him. New one's are created as HP has now with this new body mage sight( the ability to see magic)/talent in mind magics and Aura sensing( the ability to sense magic around them and inside them, gives users a better knowledge about their own magic and it's uses).


Aura sensing and Enchantress, a extremely strong affinity for enchanting. really strong in MP(magical power).


Merlin: Mock allie in the beginning. a very powerful, very arrogant old man who holds several important positions both politically and militarily. Thinks himself above others and a master manipulator. Thinks that the old magic is a threat against the world and his greater good (for merlin). Wants all magic to be restrained and recorded so that he has the ultimate power.

Druids: Druids are magic practitioners that still use the old ways of magic. They often use more elemental spells then their counterparts the wizards.

Sithe: Several Sithe, maybe the whole race(elf like creatures) maybe the whole story but it begins with the soul bonding between the Raven duo. A mentor. Beings made of the old magic. Hates humans for their crimes against the other magical creatures. No real ruler since the last one was killed by Merlin.

Goblins: Only after the visit to gringotts and after the betrayal of Merlin. Warrior like people that respects only strenght. Are many but not as many as humans. being forced to work as bankers by humans as a punishment for not submitting to their wishes.

Human: some human they conquer or some that come willingly for power(think the dark side of the force, when they become dark mock evil.). Most are slaves or drones. Can become very powerful with the right requirements. Uses a magical focus for most magical powers, are very populous. A high King that wins their position by conquest.

High elves(house elves): The mighty high elves are a mere shadow of what they used to be, by losing their war against humans and merlin and his wizards. They are forever twisted from their proud forms into small and frail looking creatures. they are bound by magically placed boundings that makes it impossibly for them to in any way remove themselves from their servitude. But they secretly longs for their freedom again and will pledge their loyalty for those who helps them.

Elder: Immortal beings that are very hard to kill but are also very few. Mentors. Are mostly not concerned about the world. They are very powerful in the ways of magic but have a somewhat frail bodies. A council are their rulers.

Fae: Small elf like creatures that like jokes and are sometimes quite sadistic. few covens that holds several thousands. A high queen.

Giants: Are big, strong and smelly. for why they are allies, well i leave this one open.

Arthur: maybe...


Merlin: A very ambitious old man who is against Morgana since she isn't completely human and her views on the world, and thus be default against HP. Wants to rule all magic.

Wizards: Wizards are Magicals that follow Merlin are highly loyal and often very deadly with wands, but don't use staffs and are almost useless without their magic enhancer stick.

Human: Humans are the main enemies with their bigotry and hate. Forced servitude against the high elves are just first step, but they are also warring among each other for artifact beyond value and land.

Various dark creatures that feast on misery as vampires and dementores.

Feel free to add your own allies or enemies, also neutral as in other countries. Demons are used by both sides but since Morgana is part succubus they tend to side with her and HP more.

Thx and ciao=)

P.S maybe a Basilisk as pet/guardian or animagus form.