Time Travel Challenge [Semi-Erotic Het fic with plot]

Timeframe:  After 6th Year.

Also, a few changes in 6th Year. The incident with Draco in the train didn't happen. The incident where harry uses Sectumsempra on Draco didn't happen. And while Harry used the Half Blood Prince's notes for brewing potions, he didn't learn any spells from it.

While Harry did learn everything about Tom from the memories Dumbledore provided, Harry was also proactive in learning some extra Spellwork on his own. He knows some advanced charms and Transfiguration, including how to become an Animagus. His form (the animal he becomes) is left to you. But the Animal should be inconspicuous, i.e something normal. Nothing Magical, nothing large (You'll see my reason for this down in the challenge). Maybe a cat or a small bird/whatever.


After Dumbledore's death & funeral, instead of going back to Privet Drive, Harry breaks into the Ministry once again. This time no one knows. He breaks in with a definite plan in mind. Because of DUmbledore Harry now knows exactly when and in what period Voldemort created his Horcruxes. While Harry knows he can't change the past, He wants to see it. In other words, he can find out exactly where Voldemort hid the Horcruxes. By going back in time and watching where Voldemort hid the Horcruxes. So he breaks into the ministry in order to steal a Time Turner.

But he's caught by the Unspeakables this time. But luckily enough, the head of the Unspeakables is willing to listen to his plan. And Harry tells her the whole thing. the Unspeakable after listening to the whole thing agrees to lend him the Time Turner, if Harry agrees to a personal favor for her. She tells him she'll explain the favor if and when he is successfull in defeating Voldemort.

Stuck in a hard place, harry agrees and goes back in time to look at where Voldemort hid the Horcruxes.

Time and Women:

1950's :

1st Horcrux

Harry doesn't want to miss any horcruxes if Dumbledore missed any of em by chance. So, harry's First stop : 1950's when Voldy made his first Horcrux.

Woman : Minerva McGonagall

While in the 1950's Harry develops a sexual relation with 17 year old Minerva, because he doesn't see it as changing anything in time. Its just sex after all. ^_^ . Raunchy  Lemon ensues.

 You can add other women like Poppy Pomfrey, etc

Harry finds everything about the Horcrux creation process and where & how Tom hid his first Horcrux. An important thing of note, the scar connection is still there but its one way as Tom is not aware of it. Harry uses a combination of this connection and his animagus form for stealth to find out everything he can.


2nd and 3rd Horcrux

After a breif scene with the female  Unspeakable Head in the present, Harry's next stop- the 60's.

Women : Amelia Bones, Molly Weasley and Minerva McGonagall. A 20 Year old Amelia and a 21 Year old Molly. 30 Year old Minerva.

He develops a Sexual relation with Amelia and Molly. He rekindles the one with Minerva.

Little does he realise that they've become addicted to him. Because of the Phoenix tears/basilisk venom in his blood, sex for any woman with Harry is incresingly Euphoric.

Amelia bacame soo obsessed that she doesn't marry and searches for Harry when Harry goes back to 90's. She joins the Unspeakables ( With a cover as Head Auror) when she discovers that there was something fishy about Harry. In fact the Head Unspeakable who gave Harry the TIme Turner was Amelia who faked her death after Harry's fifth year and became Head Unspeakable when she realised it was at ths time Harry went back in time. A full circle if you will.

Same with McGonagall. She's had to control herself from molesting a 11 year old Harry ever since he came to Hogwarts, when she realised it was Harry who she had a sexual relation with all through those years.

Molly marries Arthur, a wuss, in the hope that Harry will be back one day. After seeing James and then seeing Baby harry with green eyes, she prepares Ginny especially for Harry. Like in Canon. her hope is that ginny will share her Husband with her.

And same with the Horcrux situation. Harry again uses scar-connection + Animagus form to find out everything.


Rest of the Horcruxes.

Women: Lily Evans, Alice Longbottom, Narcissa Black, Rosmerta and finally Mrs. Lestrange ( Rodolphus' mother). And all his previous relationships with Minerva, Amelia & Molly.

Oh Yeah, Harry has some Sick fantasies of his mother to carry with him now.

Mrs. Lestrange, now this is important. Harry seduces Mrs. Lestrange after finding out Voldy has given one of his Horcruxes to Bellatrix and its kept in the Lestrange Vault. Harry Seduces Mrs. Lestrange and manages to make a copy of the key to their vault and the portkey directly to the vault( As purebloods they have that luxury and they don't trust the goblins). So he can acess it in the future to retreive the Horcrux.

Important Plot Point: After seeing Tom create Horcruxes again and again, Harry now knows everything about Horcruxes. And he realises that his scar is one. But he now also knows how to get rid of it. And the specific cirumstances to do that are very rare. He removes the Horcrux exactly after his mother gives her life for him, Midnight Halloween 1981. The remnants of the Powerfull sacrificial magic, Harry's now own considerable Magical prowess( he's not stopped learning when he went back in time), end up in Harry successfully destryoing that peice of soul from his scar.

Back to the future:

After getting back to the 90's, before his Birthday, Harry easily manages to gather all the Horcruxes in one place. As he's spent a lot of time in the past, he's now about 19 years old. While the blood magic and the charms on his wand realise that and have faded out ever since, Voldemort doesn't know it. So it is quite easy for Harry to gather all the Soul peices while Voldemort is busy killing the minister and taking over the Ministry. Only the Unspeakables manage to escape with the help of Amelia.

Harry with the help of the Head unspeakable ( now known as Amelia) manages to destroy all the horcruxes before Harry's birthday. Harry helps the remaining unspeakables to set up another department in the Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts. 

And Amelia's condition, of course, is for Harry to once again give her the ecstacy he gave her before.

The day before Harry's birthday, after the Dursley's are taken to a safe spot by the order. Harry surpises everyone by directly apparating to the Burrow. Everyone but Molly and Minerva of course. As soon as they get a chance they're ready to jump him. And Jump him they do. All night long on his Birthday, Harry/Molly/Minerva.

And before the start of the New School year, the Unspeakables together with Harry launch a counter offensive by picking off each of the death eaters one by one. Narcissa of course is eager for more Harry as soon as Lucious is dead.

They manage to trick Voldemort in the end when he goes to acquire the elder wand from Grindelwald and Harry kills him.

Optional : The Story ends with Harry/Amelia/Minerva/Narcissa where Harry manages to stop their aging using a shard of the philosphers stone he had saved in his first year. He of course doesn't know how to create the stone...but he has enough for 3 women and about 30 years. There are regular romps with Molly and various women through out the course of the fic of course. Even during the time they launch a counter offensive.

2nd Optional: Lily being alive.

Maybe...But she wouldn't be involved in Harry's life for almost 17 years, as in she would Vanish from Public life for the 16 years Harry was with the Dursleys. I sorta built the plot with Canon Compliant thing in mind. That Nothing can be changed, people who went back in time only do what they were meant to do. Like in Harry's 3rd year.

A skilled writer could fit in Lily in there. Harry catching glimpses of Lily and discarding them as hallucinations through out his life, till Lily comes back into the public (This would be when Harry came back to the future). Harry was the one who told Lily to hide. They used both the sacrifice of James and physical living blood of Lily in a ritual that ended up saving baby Harry.