Title:  You ain't Nothin but a Horn(y) Dog ...err Gnome

Or Harry Potter and the Sex Quest.

Timeframe: After Harry's Third Year of Hogwarts. Possibly 4th and afterwards.

Premise and Plot:  After Harry gets back to the Dursley's after 3rd year, an incredibly bored Harry asks Sirius for instruction on becoming an Animagus. Harry figures that since the Animagus transformation doesn't involve the use of a wand (Remeber, Sirius didn't have his wand in Azkaban but was still able to transform), he could maybe learn a little during the Holidays. Sirius on the other hand gives Harry the most difficult but the most harmless method to becoming an Animagus (There are several shortcuts like potions and tranfiguration using a wand, but since Harry can use neither, Sirius decides on this one.).

The method involves a person concentrating and trying to shrink his being into an Animal through sheer force of will, without wand nor potion. Since it seems it is Animagus theory that the Animal form is simply a lesser version of the person involved (This can be canon compliant e.g. James the aggresive stag, Sirius the Loyal Dog, Peter the cowardly Rat, etc, etc). But the success rate for this method is low. About 1 in 100 Animagus capable people achieve their form by this. And only about 1 in 1000 Wizards and witches are even capable of becoming Animagus.

Heavy magical forms are impossible. As in a wizard CANNOT be a Dragon or a Phoenix or a Unicorn, yadda yadda yadaa. But there have been some famous Wizards with Lesser forms like a Crup or a Bowtruckle or even a Niffler. But even those were very rare in History.

Harry Potter, the Chosen-One, the Boy-who-survived-the-killing-curse, is also a rare Wizard.

15 days of constant boredom forcing him to just keep trying the transformation, a very stubborn will and sheer Luck sees Harry Potter become a Magical Animagus.

He's a Garden Gnome.

Side effect of the Animagus transformation is that it amplifies the characters that made the Wizard/witch have that form in the first place.

Sirius became more Loyal and playful, James became more reckless, Peter turned into even more of a coward and turncoat, McGonagall had to superimpose a very Strict and Disciplined personality on herself to stop herself from becoming perpetually lazy and just plain curious as all hell.

Unfortunately for Harry, here are the characteristics of Gnomes:

-Physically they are about a foot tall and built more solidly than most creatures of that size with sharp eye-sight and night vision. They're basically Vegetarians and crave Radishes (Yes this is a small wink-wink-nudge towards a scene with Luna).

-Incredibly stubborn and persistent. They never give up. they keep returning even if you throw them away (Remember DeGnoming?). (Read Similarity between Harry's attitude here)

-Reckless and brave to a fault.

-They have a very tough skin and are slightly Magic resistent. Like Giants but on a smaller scale. Think about it, even if you throw them for a distance, they don't get hurt. Harry acquires this trait.

-Have undying loyalty towards who they veiw as family. A Gnome family is generally humongously large. Reason for which is given in the next point.

-Have a ridiculously high Sex Drive and reporduction rate. To the point that ""A Horny Gnome"" is a commonly used phrase in the Wizarding world. They simply can't stop themselves. If a single Gnome couple got into your garden, you can be sure there's gonna be twentu when the year is out.

Harry unfotunately acquired all these qualities in spades.

A 13 year old Harry Potter soon discovers Common Muggle girls are nothing like gnomes. In a state of uncontrollable lust, a muggle teenager runs away screaming from him when he flashes his dick out in public (which is how Gnome courtship takes place).

SO a desperately Horny Harry makes it his lifetime quest to learn how to seduce women ( Hence the alternative title of  Harry Potter and the Sex Quest).

And the story is about how he succeeds in this quest.

A side effect of this is that Harry is not angsty at all, but constantly trying to hit on Girls and Women. Voldemort, for him now, is simply a side quest. A simply hurdle in his path towards his real goal.

This can very much be written as a humour fic.

Remember, he'll fuck anything. Age really isn't a barrier for him. I have listed several scenarios in the optional section.

You can make it as if Harry learns some stuff from books(Kama Sutra). Maybe some stuff from real People, who can become mentors to him ( you choose who this is, maybe even OCs). Maybe Harry learns through various Self Experiences, with each one being an Adventure. Or maybe he considers each woman a Conquest, like in RPG's. 

Have fun with the concept.

Absolutely no angst and No Slash please. Not my cup of tea.

Some Optional Points and a Few Kinky Scenarios:

-Harry is well Equipped for the Job. Well Hung and having very high stamina.

-Harry/Ginny. Seeing the Weasley family he dreams of his own Par-Gnome family with Ginny. Since he sees Ginny as the most likely candidate who'll accomodate his, err, eccentricities.

-Harry/Molly. Just for me. :D

Some scenarios:

-Harry in his gnome form wanking off with the underwear of a pretty lady from the neighbourhood; In her home, watching her while she's taking a bath. He finds visual stimulus relieves a little bit of the Lust-stress.

-Molly Weasley finding out his Animagus form. Molly carries Harry in between her breasts, under her blouse, while Harry is in his Gnome form. While Molly goes through her daily routine, Harry jerks off using her Nipples and slobbering all over her breasts.Molly is incredibly turned on by this since nobody can see Harry in between her large breasts while she's covered by her blouse and her normal baggy cloak. She even takes Harry on a trip to Diagon Alley in this way and orgasms from the sheer kinkiness of the act.

-Harry accosting Molly atleast a dozen times a day for shags and quickies and all-night-long shags while he is at the Burrow before Fourth Year. In the Broom Cabinets, in different rooms of her sons, in an Alleyway in Diagon Alley, in Arthur's garage, in the barn, etc,etc. Molly enjoying the attention and depravity thoroughly, since Harry never fails to make her orgasm.

-Harry Flirting with Proffesor Minerva McGonagall in Detention constantly. Even going so far as to doing Pelvic thrusts towards her in class when noone but her are looking. Minerva finally giving in to her curious nature and flirts back with Harry. But only when they're alone. Everyone else just assumes Harry is just becoming more like James. Lots of midnight trysts between Harry and Minerva in Broom closets. (For those comfortable with Bestiality, you can also try Gnome!Harry + Cat!Minerva)

-Harry leaving a full tribe of Veela fully satisfied during the Quidditch World Cup after the match. The Veela definitely recognized his magical nature but didn't find out until later, what he was. He would be later bestowed the title of ""The Gnome King of Britain"" in certain circles of Wizarding France.

Etc, etc.