The Hidden King Challenge

(Slight plot with heavy Erotica, especially heavy Power Play Kinks)

Timeline: Post-War. Strictly Canon-Compliant. I.e. On the surface, everything is the same as canon.


There have always been power centers in the Wizarding world. Thing is, they're never stable. For one generation, it would be the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Shaping minds and magic to his/her very likes. The next genration it would be the Minister of Magic. Shaping the social fabric of Wizarding Society by their will. Then next would probably be a Businessman. And so on and So forth.

There was always one thing in common. Power and Cult following. No matter what position they occupied, they were the real power centers calling all the shots. Dumbledore was the previous one. Even if Fudge was the minister, noone listened to him. Dumbledore had a full on cult following. So much so, that ""Dumbledore knows best"", ""If we can't trust Dumbledore, who can we trust"", etc,etc were catch phrases used often. It was Alaphard Black, the businessman before Dumbledore. That's where the Black's accumulated their wealth from.

And according to Dumbledore's plans It was supposed to be Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Too bad, no-one has been able to make kings in the Wizardng world.

Plot: Dumbledore had prepared the stage and prepared the stage and prepared Kingsley himself to be the next power center. But he made one small but crucial mistake. He never in any explicit way informed any of his ""associates""/followers anything about this, not even his expectation of support for Kingsley. Because he was never in the habbit of sharing his plans, choosing only to move his loyal pieces on the chess board. He may have had sympathy for them and probably considered several among them freinds, but he never shared. (This is not supposed to be a cliche Evil!Dumbledore story nor a Manipulative!Dumbledore one)

And one man took full advantage of this. A Mr. Harry Potter.

Everyone just assumed that it would be Harry who would replace Dumbledore. And replace he did.

Dieing once and aqcuiring the Hallows changed Harry. He now has a slight but persistent thirst for Power. Nothing harmful nor uncontrollable, but insistant nonetheless. He starts actively encouraging the cult behaviour of those around him and he isn't shy about emotionally manipulating them. Take Ron for example, Harry carefully bringing up Ron's abandonement at opportune momentsto instill an almost fanatical loyalty in him. Praising and supporting Hermione behind her Husband Ron's back, so much so that hermione is almost another Bellatrix. Ginny of course was already fully in his hands when he asked her to marry him. George Weasley is one of his more fanatic followers ""remembering"" how Harry was the only one to encourage both him and his brother about the joke shop. Even their parents were against the idea. In a show of power Harry cures Bill's face with the elder wand, he threatens the Goblins ( Saying he'll publicize how three 17 year olds broke into Gringotts, thereby making them lose customers) to provide Fleu a very high position in Gringotts. He recommends Percy for a Ministry jobs, magnanimously ""forgiving"" him for everything. Molly and Arthur of course are eternally gratefull for everything Harry has done for their family.

In a few years he has people eating out of his hand. The whole of  the Weasley Family is almost property of Mr. Harry Potter. Each individual's zeal for harry only greater than their own family member's.

Similarly he manages to form a cult of previous order members through any means he can. He is the embodiment of the Light leader. The best person for all his ""Light Loyalists""

Harry also goes one step further. With the fall of Voldemort everyone expected the Dark families like the Malfoys and Parkinsons  to face severe Social and Legal ramifications. Oh, but who comes to their defense? Why the Saviour Harry Potter of course, asking the public to forgive the people and forget the past, to move on to form a new golden era of peace.

But the Dark families paid a heavy price for this. Especially, the main two: The Malfoys and The Yaxleys. They literally had to become Harry Potter's Property to escape prosecution. And Harry is a dark figure to the dark families. He like to flaunt his power over them. In private of course, but flaunt it nonetheless. And remind them constantly, of who they belong to. The women of these families seem to be strangely happy about this situation.  (Resulting Smut to be explained later)

All this in the rise of a 19 Year old Harry Potter as the Head of the Auror Department. The Next center of power of the Wizarding world.

Must Haves:

-> No angst please.

-> Harry must be well equipped in the genital department. Better if he's hung.

-> Power Play Kink. Harry gets off on power. He's turned on by people looking up to him and him having power over people.

-> No BDSM nor Master/Sub. Absolutely no to those two. Just Pure Power Play and Seduction.

-> No Non-Consensual Sex.

-> Harry Potter/Molly Weasley. Ideal description of her, please refer to Werewolf_Warrior's fic or Labrat's Drops of Lemons on Ficwad.

Some Smut Scenes   (Some Must haves and Some Optional):

Must Have Smut Scenarios:

-> Ginny is happily married to Harry. She's more happy that she's married to the most important person in the Wizarding world. She doesn't care if he shags/uses other women as long as he pays attention to her and also helps her achieve her Quidditch ambitions. Which he happily does. In matter of fact Ginny is instrumental  in getting some of the women in her family to ""go to"" Harry with their problems. Ginny also likes to have sex while watching some of Harry's escapades with other women in the form of Penseive memories. Harry/Ginny, Voyeur!Ginny.

-> Molly Weasley had ambitions for her husband as well. While She loves him dearly, she still wants to see him in a position of power. She really hates it when someone like Lucius Malfoy Insults her Husband. When she describes all these to a grown up 20 Year Old Ginerva Potter, Ginny suggests that molly ""talk"" to Harry. Ginny suggests that Harry even had a crush on Molly when he was younger. Harry would of course do anything for Mrs. Weasley, but it wouldn't hurt if Mrs. Weasley ""repaid"" Harry in some fashion. Molly, is of course more than happy to ""repay"" Harry. Why, he was practically family.

And Harry/Molly scene ensues.

Arthur Weasley of course becomes the next  Minister of Magic. Harry Potter himself nominated him.

->Similar to above scenario for Audrey. He even hires Audrey as his personal secretary. Harry/Audrey.

-> By this time of course, Hermione is like a miniature Bellatrix. Fanatically Loyal, just without the insanity. When she comes to know about Harry's daliances, She asks for some Harry-Time as reward for her loyalty through the years. Harry is, of course happy to provide. Harry/Hermione.

-> Atleast one Harry/Audrey/Hermione Secretary threesome.

-> On the flip side the darker more seductive side of Harry comes to play when he takes on the women of Dark families. Harry spends atleast a weekend a month with the Moher and daughter of the Yaxley family. They of course are happy to have him as he is so kind to give them pleasure of all kinds. And since they're purebloods of the strictest variety the mother and daughter don't mind sharing the bed either. Harry/Mrs. Yaxley/Ms. Yaxley.

-> Harry has a very special relationship with Narcissa. Since Narcissa saved his life, he had chosen initially to fogive the whole family. But Narcissa, herself filled with hate for Lucius for ruining their Son's life, had given the idea of owning families to Harry. And Harry never misses a chance to show his ""affection"" for Narcissa in front of Lucius. Kissing her, fondling her while casting selective Notice-me-nots, etc,etc. And repeatedly taking her while Lucius is tied up in the same room. Harry/Narcissa is a kinky affair.

I would especially love to see a scene like in the movie End of days(1999), where Gabreil Byrne just fondles a person's wife in a public restaurant. Here's the video for it: for Harry/Narcissa.

(If the link doesn't show up and/or its against the rules to put up Youtube links, please search ""Satan's Kiss - Gabreil Byrne in End of Days"" on youtube. Click on the video which is 1:00 min long.)

You can also use this scene from the same movie for the Harry/Mrs.&Ms.Yaxleys scene: ( Or Search for ""End of Days 2"" 1:24 min long video on youtube)