11 February 1929: Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini signs the Lateran Pacts, a series of written agreements between the Kingdom of Italy and the Vatican City State. Unknown to the Italian Muggles, however, was a second series of pacts, signed the same day, which guaranteed the Magical Vatican State total control over all wizarding affairs in the Kingdom of Italy and its colonies in exchange of the Magical Vatican aid in case of a magical war. Thus Pacts had never been broken.

1 November 1981: A member of the Most Holly Oracular Order of Prophets, basically the Magical Vatican's personal seers, release ANOTHER prophecy, which basically says that the vanquisher of all evils is in Britain, is a wizard, is less than 2 years old is an orphan, is a Pureblood and has already destroyed a great evil either by himself or by proxy through the sacrifice of his mother. The Pope (Who is a wizard, as every Pope has been before him since 1929, and his also the absolute ruler of Magical Italy/Muggle Vatican) decides to get this prophesied vanquisher of all evils and mold him as a weapon of the Wizarding Catholic Church.

They get Harry (much to Dumbledore's Dismay), expatriate him in Italy, and train him since his youngest life to become the ultimate Monster Hunter/Dark Wizards Vanquisher/Demonologist/Exorcist/D&D Paladin/Etc. Etc..

24 July 1996: Yet ANOTHER Prophecy is spoken, this one only stating that, in order start his destiny as vanquisher of all evils, Harry must return to his home country (Britain) and save it from the local dark lord, and that his best lead to him is to attend Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry comply and, the first of September, armed with all the necessary equipment, board on the Hogwarts Express, ready for his first, real mission after years and years of training.

The story begins with him entering the first compartment, said compartment being occupied by three girls.

Hermione Granger. Luna Lvegood. Daphne Greengrass.



1- Lawful Neutral!Jack of All Trades!Harry: Harry is a ruthless soldier with a mission. This however doesn't mean he's evil or emotionless. He doesn't harm what he perceive as Innocents, but will kill whatever he considers a threat to his mission or others, even if it has surrendered. His morality has been thwarted in order to make him the perfect weapon, making him perceive everything (Spells, Weapons, Magical Creatures, People, Even Demons) as tools for his mission. He, however, abhors any kind of soul magic, considering it unnatural and unholy. He hates demons (Dementors are not demons, By the way, they are Shadows (A kind of ghost)), but understand that they're just Hell's Guardians and not the source of all evil (Humans are the source of most evils, anyway). He DOESN'T hate magical creatures and attacks them only if they're attacking him, and prefer to enslave them to his will through the use of [SOMETHING THAT IS UP TO THE WRITER] than to kill them. He has enough esoteric knowledge to summon a lesser demon through a ritual and force him to reveal the truth (Demons and Angels are omniscient) about something. Said rituals are however draining and usually grants him around four questions before the demon returns in the pits of hell. He mostly use Light Based Magic, through he posses a fully functional Holly Crossbow, sanctified seven times by the pope himself (Magical Sanctifications actually work, by the way), armed with either wooden (Ash Wood) or Silver bolts, both bolts and crossbow charmed unbreakables. He is NOT a fanatical christian, DOESN'T have many prejudices against women and has NOT taken a vote of chastity. Which bring us to...

2- Harry/Hermione/Luna/Daphne: It's symbolical. And the four of them are in a relationship ALL TOGETHER, so it's not an ""Harry has three women who happens to like to play with each other"", because they literally are a one true foursome where each participant cares for the other three in a romantic way. All of this is possible because one of the main concepts behind Magical Catholicism is: ""Our magic is a gift from God. We must spread this gift in the world with new babies. Lots and lots of babies. So let's start a good, old orgy, shall we?"" (Yes, Magical Catholicism is basically the Hippy version of the medieval conception of Witchcraft, with the believers hanging out in the woods, together and naked doing unspeakable things to each other's body).

3- Hufflepuff!Harry: Harry get sorted into Hufflepuff (Again, symbolical). The Fat Friar (Hufflepuff's Ghost) is more than what he seems.

4- Third World Country!Magical Britain: In the eyes of the rest of the wizarding world, Magical Britain is either Muggle Zimbawe (No offence meant for Muggle Zimbawe) or Europe's Laughing Stock. In both cases, it's still considered by many just like a Banana Republic. Also, most English Wizards are atheists (WHICH IS NOT NECESSARILY A BAD THING IN REAL LIFE BUT THAT, IN A WORLD WERE PEOPLE INTERACTS WITH DEMONS, ANGELS AND DEATH HIMSELF WITH A DAY TO DAY BASIS, NOT BELIEVING IN A SUPERIOR FORCE WHO ISN'T THE SO CALLED ""Greater Good"" IS KIND OF DUMB. IT'S ARBITRARY SKEPTICISM AT ITS FINEST).

5- Ron and Draco Bashing: Make it Mild Bashing, I don't want it to become the main focus of the story.

6- Senile Dumbledore: The best kind of Dumbledore.

7- VOLDEMORT TIMELINE: Voldemort didn't menage to find the stone in 1991/92, and died of starvation in the chamber with the mirror, the only way out blocked by impassable flames. Dumbles found Quirrel's Body only month after his death, Voldemort's wraith long gone. Ginny got killed during the whole Chamber of Secrets Fiasco, her soul and magic drained by Diary!Riddle. The basilisk is still in the chamber, awaiting for any Parselmouth willing to give him orders (the Basilisk will remain faithful to his current master until he dismiss him, then he will wait in the chamber for another Parselmouth). The basilisk, being a giant ass snake, doesn't held any political alliance, and couldn't care less about mammals' blood status. He's also a fan of William Wordsworth and the other English romantic poets, God only knows why and how. Sirius killed Wormtail and got subsequently kissed by a Dementor. Diary!Riddle then freed Barty Crouch Jr. and stayed an entire year searching for himself before starting the whole Tri-Wizard-Tournament Rouse. After luring Cedric in the graveyard, Diary!Riddle restores Voldemort's life. Cedric's body disappears. Dumbledore, in his infinite wisdom, start preaching to the whole wizarding world the return of Voldie with the subtlety of a sledgehammer, thus alienating the masses. The ministry starts a smearing campaign against him with the daily prophet. Diary!Riddle Becomes Voldie second in command. They free the Death Eaters from Azkaban. Diary!Riddle and Bellatrix starts a sexual relationship. A group composed by Diary!Riddle, both the Lestrange Brothers, Barty Crouch Jr, Crabble Sr and Goyle Sr raids the ministry in order to get the Prophecy. IT'S A TRAP! The Prophecy Hall is filled with Aurors. The 4 of the 6 Death Eaters manage to escape, both the Lestrange Brothers mysteriously and simultaneously tripping inside the Veil of Death despite the fact both brothers where with the other 4 Death Eaters and several feet away from said veil. After the raid, the Minister STILL doesn't admit Voldemort's return, however DOES admit the existence of a Death Eaters Revival lead by Barty Crouch Jr and some young, charming fellow dressed in some old school robes. And is somewhere around here that our story begin.

8- HERMIONE TIMELINE: YEAR 1: Everything is the same as book one until Halloween. Ron is a prick with her, thus making her run away crying in the bathroom, where she triggers a random encounter with a Wild Mountain Troll. Nobody comes to her rescue, this forcing her to defend herself by banishing bathroom sinks against the Troll's head, killing him. The teachers arrive soon after the fact and Dumbledore, in his infinite wisdom, condemn Hermione for the killing of the Troll, penalizing Gryffindor of 50 points. McGonegall tries to stop him for doing so, but she is swiftly overruled by the Headmaster. Her housemates also start harassing her for the 100 points lost and, After Slitherin Victory of both House and Quidditch cups, Ron utter the immortal line: ""It would have been better if she was killed by that Troll, bloody idiot made us lose the House Cup..."". Hermione eagerly returns home, friendless and alone.

YEAR 2: Hermione returns at Hogwarts. On the Hogwarts express, not wanting to meet any of her yearmates, she sits in an empty compartment. Said empty compartment is promptly filled by Luna and Ginny, Best Female Friends Forever. Hermione would really want to read alone, but she cannot find in her hardened heart to deny the two firsties of the gift of knowledge. She answer their questions about the school and soon later the three of them are locked in a conversation and in Hermione Heart the sparkle of hope that maybe this time she will find some real friends... Until Ron enters the compartment. It turns out Ginny is her sister and that their mother, Mrs Weasley, didn't want her to hang out with the wrong kind of people, the wrong kind of people apparently being Slytherins and Girls who periodically fight Trools inside the girls' loo. Mrs. Weasley does also find Ginny's closeness with that Lovegood girl as unhealthy, so has tasked Ron on keeping an eye on her sister. How does he do it? By dragging away from Hermione and Luna the little girl and throwing her in a world of strangers and her four brothers, three of them too busy with their lives to spend too much time with her and the other one too lazy to actually spend time with her. The year starts, Luna become a Ravenclaw, Ginny a Gryffindor, Hermione and Luna become friends, Ginny is forced to drift apart from them, despite both her and Luna still secretly meet at night. Around Christmas, the first victim of the basilisk is Ron. The petrification of a pureblood cause social unrest. There's an inquiry. Diary!Riddle panics and force Ginny inside the Chamber of secrets before he had planned. He drains her soul and magic. Ginny disappears. Luna is broken. Ron is cured. The weasleys grieve Ginny's disappearance. Molly accuses Luna. There's no ground for a process despite Wizarding Britain's Kangaroo Courts, but still, Luna is ostracized by her non-Slytherin schoolmates, who think of her as the new heir of Slytherin. Hermione, now her only friend, is ostracized with her. The year ends. As a side note, Lockhart gets fired for incompetence and starts a brilliant carrier as Master Obliviator for the Ministry of Magic.

YEAR 3: Normal School Year if you don't count the escaped mass murderer. Luna and Hermione are still ostracized by most of the school. They're however not bullied because, as Luna had once candidly pointed out in front of most of her housemates, ""Only a Moron would bully someone that controls a beast capable of petrifying people"". Hermione takes Ancient Runes and Arithmancy as electives. At Arithmancy, the professor forces her students to do their homework in pairs. Hermione is assigned with Daphne Greengrass, No-Nonsense Pureblood Heiress who is also one of the few Slytherins who gained her Potion Marks with hard work instead of the teacher's favoritism. They don't become Actual Friends, let's just say they both tolerate each other. And Luna's too, who was now practically attached to Hermione as a second limb. Years end. On a side note, Lupin quit once Sirius is kissed. He retires in the English Countryside, the sheep his only company. He will meet Auror Tonks at Sirius Funeral, her, Ted and Andromeda the only other people there. They will never meet again.

YEAR 4: Basically book 4 without Harry in the tournament. Krum doesn't invite Hermione to the Ball, Draco's and the ret of the school lies perfectly fooling him in believing that Hermione is basically the wicked consort of the Slytherin Heir. Surprising everyone is Daphne who invites Hermione to the Yule Ball, as a friend. Luna asks Neville to go to the ball with her in order for her to pass some time with Hermione. Nevile, despite being terrorized by the younger girl, accepts in order to not be dateless. Nothing of importance happens at the ball, the three girls and a very nervous Neville passing quite a pleasant night. Next Day, Skitter publish an article about a greedy, gold-digging muggleborn trying to ensnare the fortune of a respectable pureblood heiress. The day after that, the Daily Prophet enters in a legal battle with the Abbot, Greengrass & Davies, soundly loosing it and having to retract the article, fire Skitter and also pay both the litigation costs and a compensation for both Hermione and Daphne. Rest of the year goes smoothly after that. Moody quits because he had been entrapped in a trunk for the whole year.

YEAR 5: Normal school year. Nobody believes Dumbledore except the Order and the Longbottoms. Year ends. The Weasley twins, who had both quit pranking after Ginny's death, both leave Hogwarts to go to work at the ministry with Percy, who has stayed loyal to his family, not wanting to lose anyone else, and is still together with Penelope Clearwater. Umbridge gets fired for incompetence and sadism. She returns to her role of Undersecretary. Both Ginny's and Cedric's bodies are still missing.

9-The writer can do whatever he wants with Draco and Neville before the beginning of the Fanfic, just please, don't bash Neville and find him someone to be with. Hanna Abbot and Susan Bones would both be fine. As in the three of them. Together. If you catch my meaning.