Starts during the summer after the Marauders, Lily, Bellatrix, Alice, and Frank are in their 6th year and Narcissa is in her 5th.  Andromeda has graduated and married Ted, and both her and Sirius have been disowned.  Voldemort is still amassing his influence and followers and has yet to prove himself a threat in the eyes of the Ministry. 

It's been years since the last goblin rebellion, and most wizards and witches only see the goblins as a group of greedy bankers.  The intelligent ones remember that even though it's been years since the last war, the goblins are just as militant as always.  But only the goblins know of their third most defining trait: their insatiable lust.  The reason no one sees any female goblins is because they are almost always doing one thing: calming the raging lust of their male counterparts.  The only exceptions are those that are too young, too, old, or are pregnant.  However, in the last few decades, the number of male goblins has been increasing faster than the number of ready females, resulting in goblins spending longer and longer without sex.

One day, a lobby guard, lets call him Bob, who was well past his due for a trip to the breeding chambers keeps finding his eyes resting on various witches that came into Gringotts.  Eventually Bellatrix Black (Or another sexy racist pureblood witch) enters and demands an escort to her account manager.  Bob is assigned this job, and spends the trip trying to tune out the woman's snide comments and unspoken insults to his people even as his eyes keep being drawn to her body. It's after one particularly nasty comment that the frustrated goblin wonders just what the consequences would be if he knocked the witches wand out of her hand, bent her over, and ravaged her ass.  Fortunately or unfortunately, they arrive at the account managers office and Bob excuses himself.  However, his desire to fuck the witch senseless stays in his head, and Bob has an idea.  An somewhat crazy idea that would help sooth the raging lust of his brethren while gaining double agents for a new rebellion in the most delicious and insulting way.  The guard consults with his commander, and soon finds himself before the Goblin King to present his idea: spiriting away young, influential witches, train them into obedient sluts, and then sending them back out as their secret agents.  While the King is initially hesitant, his own frustration is quick to supply images of some of the hot racist pureblood women he had met with on their knees and sucking his cock like an eager slut.  The King agreed, and assigned a group of goblins under the Bob's command to this task, under the condition that they work alone until they prove they can pull it off, so if they are caught the King can claim they had gone rogue.  And thus begins the goblins rise to power.

That was the premise of the story, an I also have a skeleton of a plot as well.

Part 1

The Beginning

These Arcs cover the enthrallment of members of the generation of witches before canon proper.

Arc 1

The Black Sisters

1 or 2 Chapters

Soon after the team was formed, Bob was on guard duty again, though this time he was also scouting for good targets.  And he hit the jackpot.  Bellatrix Black, the one who caused him to come up with the plan, and her younger sister Narcissa walked in, and with a runic array near his helmet's head, he was able to hear their conversation.  Apparently the Black family home needed their wards updated which would take a couple of weeks, and the Black head and his brother, the sisters father, were needed to supervise. The Head's wife and heir had gone to visit her family, but the two sisters decided to stay in Diagon Alley and shop, among other things.  Bob signaled his team and the teller the sisters were approaching, and when the girls were directed to a hall that the teller claimed would lead to the cart that would take them to their vault.  Bob escorted them into the seemingly deserted hall and shut the door behind them.  Immediately, anti-magic wards flared to life and the two sisters were quickly knocked unconscious.  The Black sisters would wake up deep within Gringotts completely naked save for a magic suppressing collar around each of their necks and surround by a group of leering naked goblins.  While Narcissa is to stunned to put up much resistance, Bellatrix fights the goblins until Bob finally throws her down and makes good on his fantasy.  By the time the Black house ward updates are complete two weeks later, the girls have submitted, and serve as eager sluts for the goblins, Bellatrix with the same passion as when she served Voldemort in another life.  After the girls return home to keep up the appearance that nothing happened, Bob remembers that the Blacks used to have another, elder sister. Digging through the files, he finds that she was disowned for marrying a muggleborn.  While Ted Tonks wasn't a pureblood, he had a high (for a muggleborn) position in the Ministry and Andromeda was becoming a very successful lawyer.  So when Ted left on a business trip, Gringotts called upon Andromeda for business.  Upon arrival, she was lead to a room that upon entering caused her to freeze.  In front of her was a group of goblins, naked and surrounding a pair of witches who were eagerly sucking and jerking their cocks.  She grabbed her wand only to hesitate when she recognized the women as her sisters.  The goblin that escorted her there knocked it away and dragged her over to the orgy, where Bellatrix and Narcissa helped welcome their sister into the fold.

Arc 2

Breaking Bones

1 Chapter

Up and coming Auror Amelia Bones decides to take a vacation and goes to Gringotts to retrieve some money after informing her boss.  Her training allows her to notice the ambush the goblins set for her, but she is overpowered before she can do much, her Auror gear is torn open, and she is gangraped right there.

Arc 3

Good Girls Gone Bad

1 or 2 Chapters

Alice soon-to-be-Longbottom Arrives in Diagon Alley a week and a half before Hogwarts starts, planning to meet with her friend Lily in a few days and spend time together before school.  She stops by Gringotts to retrieve some money, and Bob, knowing of her betrothal to the Longbottom heir, takes the opportunity to bag a fifth girl before reporting to the King his success with the mission in the hopes that the goblin nation would begin fully backing the job.  When it comes time to report a naked Alice follows Bob obediently to the Throne Room and obediently fucks and lets fuck her whoever the King orders her to: the King's guards, a group of old advisers, and even a wolf and a kraken used to guard several vaults. His own cock growing hard, the King asks Alice about her plans and she tells him about her plan to meet Lily.  Alice also informs them that while Lily is a muggleborn, the heir of the Potters had been after her for years, making her a perfect target.  The King orders her to lure Lily there, where he decides to break this witch himself.  A week later when James arrives at Hogwarts, he is pleasantly surprised to find that Lily seems to have finally given in to his advances, never suspecting she was ordered to get close to him by her new masters.

Part 2

The War

This Part covers the goblins and their slaves activities during the war.  Because of the threat Voldemort poses, the goblins mostly stop their recruitment of slaves for the time being to focus on the war, but make plenty of use of the sluts they have.

Arc 4

Double Date

1 Chapter

A  double date between Lily and Alice and James and Frank ends outside of Gringotts, where the girls tell them they have some business to take care of before returning home.  After convincing the boys that Gringotts was perfectly safe and seeing them off, the girls walk in, head through several doors and are quickly grabbed by their waiting goblins masters.

Arc 5

Heir of the House of Black

1 Chapter

Regulus, the only male heir to the house of Black is killed during the war, leaving Bellatrix as the next in line.  Seizing the chance, the goblins cause the Lestrange brothers to suffer ""accidents"" to prevent complications with her new position.  Bellatrix is thrilled with this and late that day, she bribes Kreacher with her body to put her family into a deep slumber for the night so she could bring home the goblins that arranged the ""accident"" home with her for some fun with her and Narcissa, fucking them all over the house, including in her father's bedroom.

Arc 6

The Proposal

1 Chapter

James asks Lily (Or Frank/Alice) on a date and tells her to meet him at Gringotts, where he plans to pick up a ring to propose from the family vault.  Lily arrives several hours early and later will say yes with goblin cum running down her leg under her dress from her pussy and ass.

Arc 7

Wedding Night

1-3 Chapter

On her wedding night, Narcissa drugs Lucius with a potion to make him fall asleep and uses memory charms to make him think he took her virginity.  Once done she lets in a group of goblins who fuck her in her wedding dress on the bed with Lucius in the corner.  Lucius waking up and being forced to watch before being Obliviated is optional.  Similiar events happen after Lily and Alice's weddings.

Sometime after the weddings FemHarrry, FemDraco, Nymphadora, Neville (Your choice whether to genderbend or not), and the children of any other married witches the goblins enslaved are all born and Susan is taken in by Amelia.  Goblin and other nonhuman humanoid's semen can only impregnate witches via a special ritual.  The goblins don't bother with this, and messing with the husband's mind to get out of sex every time is to risky, so the husbands do get their wives pregnant.  The goblins are fine with this.  Girls can be taught obedience as they grow older and boys can work in the mines after the rebellion.  Due to her new masters Bellatrix does not join the Death Eaters though she does give some financial support to keep up appearances, Lucius does join but Narcissa stays unbranded.  Ted Tonks and the rest of the Black family also die over the course of the war.

Arc 8

War's End

1 or 2 Chapters

After hearing the prophecy, Lily goes to the goblins.  They create a ritual/artifact/spell/something that allows Lily and FemHarry to survive while it destroys Voldemort.  Thus the prophecy is about some other kid.  The goblins celebrate the end of the war over the ext few days with Lily, Bellatrix, Amelia, and when they could come Alice, Andromeda, and Narcissa. One of the days Alice was at Gringotts with a cock up each hole and in each hand, Death Eaters attack her home, leaving her husband in a coma.

Part 3


Unfortunately, the war caused the death, emigration, or imprisonment of most of the targets the goblins had lined up before the war.  So while waiting for the next generation to grow, the goblins turn their attention to rebuilding and recruiting allies for the eventual rebellion.

Arc 9

The Soul Hunt

1 or 2 Chapters

Bellatrix is approached by Lucius about hiding one of two artifacts Voldemort ordered him to protect.  Bellatrix takes it to the goblins, who thus learn of the Horcruxes.  Bellatrix is given a reward, and she eagerly asks that the King and his advisors and guards fuck her into unconsciousness.  As she receives her reward, a team heads to the Malfoy manor, where Narcissa has drugged Lucius.  He wakes in a goblin interrogation room, with his wife eagerly sucking his interrogators cock.  Between the pain of the torture and watching his wife serve her masters he breaks and tells them everything.  The goblins then kill him and make it look like an accident. And thus thus hunt for the Horcruxes starts, and in a few years finally ends.  This is a porn fic, so please no graphic torture.

Arc 10


At Least 3 Chapters

The goblins begin negotiating with various group of wizard oppressed magical beings  to either be their ally or remain neutral to the coming conflict.  Gold is exchanged, some blood is shed, and deals are made.  The werewolves, furious at how other wizards see them as animals when they only truly suffer a disease, agree on the condition that they be allowed to have a few of the more anti-werewolf pureblood women to turn and use for breeding.  The goblins agree, provided those the pick haven't already been taken by them.  To seal the deal and as an act of good faith, the goblins give the werewolves the Black sisters to do with as they please for a week, provided they don't turn them.  The house-elves, long suffering under the wizards since the day they were bound into servitude, are promised freedom in exchange for information, and the elves belonging to the goblin's slaves are even allowed to fuck them as they please, provided that the goblins aren't already.  On group however, the Goblin King doesn't go to in peace, but to conquer.  When his army arrives outside of the Veela Colony, the Queen, a widow named Apolline, sees that the numbers are too many, and as a last resort challenges the King to a contest she is confident she can win.  Whoever could make the other cum first, with the goblins get the veelas as slaves or the goblins leave and never return.  The King agrees, and Apolline soon finds that for all of her veela sexual prowess, the King is simply to fierce a lover.  She loses, and is forced to service the King's guards while he sits on her former throne and enjoys himself with her two virgin daughters, Fleur and Gabrielle, and her people are gangbanged by the goblin army.

Part 4

Continuing the Plan

The last Part of the fic starts when the younger generation starts coming of age and are ready to be broken in, starting with the children of the current slaves.

Arc 11

Grown Up

1 Chapter

As the various daughter of goblin slaves grow up, they are taught obedience by both their mothers, and once the hit puberty the goblins that begin to educate them on sex.  However, the lessons go no further than hangjobs, titjobs, or blowjobs until they reach their majority around the age of 16.  Once all of them are 16, the are brought to the throne room where the King takes each of their virginities, and they join their mothers as proper sluts for the goblins in one giant other/daughter/goblin orgy.

Arc 12

The Next Generation

1-? Chapters

I leave this up to you-The who, the why, and the how of the goblins enslavement of the next generation of witches, though I would appreciate Hermoine and Luna being two of your choices.

Arc 13


1 Chapter

The goblins have overthrown the wizards, and they and their allies celebrate with a massive orgy.  This chapter should show each of the sluts that the goblins broke and maybe even some new faces being happily fucked by the goblins, werewolves, house elves, and other allies of the goblins.