Begins: During Christmas Fifth Year, Chapter 22 - 'St. Mungo's Hospital'.
Ends: Unknown.

Alterations to Canon:
Fleur has already joined the Order at this time. Working with Bill Weasley at Gringotts he recruits her to take his place as one of the Order's cursebreakers when he suddenly gets reassigned back to Egypt.

Harry/Multi or Harry/Harem

A month before Christmas Harry is browsing in the Library looking for answers on a particularly nasty piece of Potions homework when he stumbles upon a medical potions textbook which has a chapter title similar to the potion he is working on. What catches his attention though is a potion mentioned within which is designed to reverse the stunted growth, poor eye-sight or bone deformities caused by malnutrition.

It's never overly bothered Harry before that he's one of the shortest blokes in his year - but it has become more obvious how physically underwhelming he is during the DA meetings - but now that he reads through the description of this potion and sees what it could potentially do he's suddenly all for making up any lost stature thanks to the Dursley's preference for keeping him on a starvation-diet when growing up and withholding food as a punishment.

It's complicated enough that it will take him a whole month to go through all the steps and stages but simple enough in that almost all the ingredients are in his potions kit and what isn't he could Owl-order with the galleons he's got. However Harry had planned on having Christmas at Hogwarts to finish it and is caught flat-footed by his vision of Arthur being attack by Nagini.

Fortunately the potion is in its final stage, bottle for a whole week while he waits for it to change colour before he can add the last ingredients. Stashed in his potions kit in his trunk it is brought to Grimmauld Place by the Hogwarts elves and after a couple of days he's able to get away and set up his cauldron in an secluded place where the potion can simmer for the last 8 hours. The place he chooses is the attic, formerly the residence of Buckbeak but who has now been relocated to a French reserve thanks to Fleur's connections.

While Harry has left his potion unattended Fleur and Tonks, who've become fast friends in the last couple of months, arrive and start to 'duel'. Side by side with cleaning charms they take on the mess, filth and smell of unwashed Hippogryff musk. Their jokes and laughter come to a stop when they discover the potions set-up and while Tonks wonders if it is Sirius' work Fleur more darkly suggests it must be the work of those Twin Gingers. Unprepared and inexperienced with their antics she's been on the receiving end of a number of their pranks and traps about the house.

Tonks asks if Fleur wants to sabotage it, a bit of Hippogryff dung perhaps? Fleur points out if it turns the potion dangerous and it gets used on someone then it'll be their fault. Instead they'll take a little of it to see if they can figure out what it is, then prank the Twins back. Without taking proper precautions however Fleur and Tonks inadvertently contaminate the potion... with themselves. Hair of a Veela and hair of a metamorphmagus fall into the concoction and are assimilated into the magic.

When Harry later returns he finds the potion ever so slightly off-colour from the description given in the books, a slight silver tint amongst the fluid rather than egg white. Faced with starting over Harry decides that its not enough of a difference to be worried, bottles it and takes it to his room where after a shower he drinks it and goes to bed.

He awakes a little later than usual the next morning feeling light-headed, woozy and ravenous. Fleur has prepared a French breakfast and fortunately Ron hasn't eaten it all but Harry finishes the rest easily and is still hungry. Fortunately Christmas is the time for all-day grazing and Harry eats and eats and eats. Christmas cheer with Fred and George's fun pranks and stunts, Ginny helping Harry decorate the tree and mantle, Sirius with the Wireless, Tonks stumbling in, Fleur circling around topping up eggnog.

Harry becomes increasingly randy, catching himself repeatedly staring at Ginny, Fleur and Tonks. Also being caught by all three as he stares at the others. Teasing and flirting, Sirius taunting Harry and before long Harry has to go and relieve himself - something that Tonks' and Fleur's noses pick up on him afterwards. The two older witches are themselves starting to get a bit randy and their thoughts repeatedly turning to Harry.

The next day however Harry awakes, staggers down stairs and frightens everybody... one of his ears has slid down onto his jaw. An far from amused Madam Pomfrey arrives from Hogwarts and castigates Harry for managing to get himself in need of her care so quickly. After a few waves of her wand she declares there's some sort of potion but Fred and George plead ignorance... but curiosity. Harry stutteringly admits he brewed one himself. The details of the potion come out, alarming some people when they realise why he would want/need such a potion... including Tonks and Fleur.

They realise what the potion that they discovered was and more importantly whose. They provide the nicked sample to Madam Pomfrey who analyses it and finds it to be entirely perfect... so what's happening to Harry? While this is going on Harry's ear has moved back to where it belongs, all by itself, only now his eyes are different colours. This catches Tonks' attention who comes over and tugs on Harry's hair, not harshly put firmly pulling at it... and it grows longer straight out of Harry's scalp.

That's something that happens to metamorphs before they learn to properly control the transfiguration of their non-living components, i.e. keratin. Madam Pomfrey requires quite a few more spells but soon concludes that yes, Harry has some basic indicators of latent metamorphmagism... and there's something else. Fleur guesses that she too probably somehow contaminated the potion when they took their sample.

Over the next week Harry's metamorph talents grow and he even begins to be able to consciously control minor changes to skin colour, eye colour and hair length. There's also the small matter of Harry's aura gradually making several of the witches in the house randier and randier. Tonks and Fleur, feeling somewhat responsible, volunteer to try to train Harry in his newly acquired heritages.

One-on-one training with Harry makes Tonks a very proud teacher at Harry's swift progress and also extremely frustrated as Harry's aura continues to ramp up her arousal... and now Harry is starting to be able to sense Tonks' desires and arousal as his newly acquire Veela characteristics emerge.

Fleur while capable at teaching the Allure-suppression techniques she however finds herself disastrously ill-equipped to resist Harry's Allure. Veela don't feel it from each other, even those who are bisexual or lesbian... and there are no male Veelas. So Harry's effect on her is completely unanticipated and when her self-control crumbles so does her grasp over her own Allure. Harry and Fleur ensnared in each other's self-reinforcing auras proceed to fornicate vigourously, enthusiastically and repeatedly.

They are discovered by Tonks when Harry doesn't keep his lesson with her and she can't help herself but watch them. Eventually a sort of equilibrium is reached and Harry and Fleur's allure settle and they come out of their fog of lust. A few lessons later though Tonks' throws in the towel and snogs Harry. A half-hearted argument from Harry while Tonks amply proves she's not under the influence... she's totally in control of what she's doing. She immediately sets out to one-up Harry and Fleur's performance.

Before Harry leaves Grimmauld Place to return to Hogwarts there's also a threesome with Tonks and Fleur who very much enjoy each other's company as well, built off an undercurrent of tension and flirtation since they first met. While the only ones to bed Harry they aren't the only witches at Grimmauld who have it in mind. Ginny is frigging herself three times a day, Hestia Jones drags Sirius into his bedroom and works off her edge several times, much to the Old Dog's delight and when Hermione arrives after spending Christmas proper with her family she's almost as bad as Ron around Fleur, nearly insensate at times.

While Harry does learn to somewhat suppress his Allure he's still quite poor at it, a skill that takes Veela at least a year to learn isn't going to be grasped in two weeks. Witches throughout Hogwarts suddenly find themselves like moths drawn to a flame and Harry is beset by witches whose arousal and desires he can sense and feel. Between the actually successful regeneration of the malnutrition reversal potion and his metamorph talents Harry is now taller, better built and on the whole a much more attractive package to the female student body.

At Hogwarts:
Factoring in canon events, like ducking Umbridge's watchful gaze, the Inquisitorial Squad, running the DA and his much improved Occlumency, thanks to the Allure suppression training, the rest of the year would basically be characterised by Harry being a total tomcat, defiling half the witches in his year and more besides. Able to 'rise to the occasion' at will and never falter, equipped as a witch desires and able to sense what arouses a partner and what doesn't while he's 'at work' Harry is beset by randy witches looking to get their fantasies fulfilled with a guy who can do it.

This provides plenty of room to fill in the rest of the PWP roster and give each witch a kink or two of her own for Harry to discover and then with increasing skill use to drive said witch crazy. Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Lavender, Parvati, Padma, Cho, Daphne, Tracey, Susan, Hannah, Katie, Angelina, Alicia, Su Li and even Pansy. Why not throw in one of the minor teachers? Sinestra, Babbling, Vector or Burbage?