Begins: After Deathly Hallows.
Epilogue: Not Canon Compliant.

Alterations to Canon:
None, beyond fanon tropes.


Harry and Hermione return to Hogwarts to finish their last year while Ron takes the honorary NEWTs offered by Shacklebolt deciding to join the Auror Corp and achieve glory... a short-lived dream he gives up after a month of shite food, early wake-ups, and grueling training, instead going to work for George. As Head Girl Hermione hits the books while Harry, as Head Boy, recuperates from the war, mostly in the company of Ginny (who is also in her NEWT year).

Following graduation Harry pops the question to her and Ginny accepts. Harry's own Auror training is far more successful than Ron's, Hermione joins the Ministry and starts a Charms Mastery and Ginny gets picked as a reserve for the Holyhead Harpies.

The day before the wedding sees the Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties. Harry fends off the attentions of Heidi Macavoy, the former 'Puff Chaser hired by George as the stripper, who instead ends up lap-dancing and snogging Ron. He arrives at Ginny's flat early the morning of the wedding to clear the air, just in case, and discovers Ginny isn't alone in bed... she and Luna are naked and dotted with love-bites.

Ginny's subsequent confession to her bisexuality and relationship with Luna between her break-up with Harry at Dumbledore's funeral and getting back together and Luna's honest assertion of loving Ginny with her whole heart but trusting Harry to take care of her leads to a very interesting discussion where Harry says he objects to Ginny hiding things from him but not her relationship with Luna if she wants to continue it.

Their wedding is perfect bar the dark cloud over Ron and Hermione who learned from Ginny, through Harry, of Ron's dalliance, rather than Ron owning up to it himself.

Fast Forward:
Harry ascends the ranks but grows increasingly weary of bureaucracy and begins turning his interests to other things and corresponds with Hermione - who has two Masteries now and is studying for a double PhD at Cambridge - about runes and arithmancy as well as dabbling in charity and advocacy.

Ginny not only replaces the retired Gwenog Jones and assume much the same celebrity status but in her first year is instrumental to the Harpies winning the Quidditch League Championship. She's a shoe-in for selection to the English National Team but it strains her marriage to Harry to further defer their plans for children.

Ron has fallen a long way, caught by the Muggleworthy Excuse Department when cleaning up a scheme gone wrong that Ron and Seamus cooked up, slipping performance enhancing potions to horses in muggle racing carnivals and betting on the races. He loses his job as head of the new WWW branch in Hogsmeade.

Luna's return visits to Britain from her world tour of exploration (finding snorkacks in Greenland, a walking plant in the Congo and recovering the Rod of Asclepius from a hidden tomb in the Aegean) always sees her and Ginny spend a night or two together.

Hermione has thrown herself into her studies and her secret work of trying to quantify the natural framework underpinning magic (applying science to the phenomena) but has grown increasingly lonely and is struggling with new feelings for the matured, confident and intelligent man that Harry has shown himself to be during their regular lunches and discussions (almost her only contact with the magical world these days).

When Ginny is injured during a Quidditch World Cup play-off a healer's examination reveals that her womb is barren. Curse damage inflicted in her pre-teen... the consequences of 'Diary Tom' drawing on her life, vitality and apparently fertility as fuel to resurrect himself. Distraught at never being able to give Harry the family he wants and has been waiting for her to give him she pushes him away, packs her bags and when Harry confronts her at Bill and Fleur's cottage she says she wants a divorce, unwilling to tell him the truth. She wants to free Harry to find someone else to have a family with before she curls up and dies.

Harry goes on a suicide mission to Albania, recklessly confronting a Necromancer who is terrifying the country. Hermione goes after him with Bill's help and they drag Harry's badly wounded but victorious carcass to Britain. Ginny visits but flees when Harry tries to talk her into taking him back, telling him to just find someone else. Hermione is sorely tempted but can't bring herself to take advantage of the situation and conspires with Fleur to find a way to set things right. Fleur slips some Veritaserum to Ginny who unwillingly coughs up the truth and soon Harry is back with her swearing he will always choose her, stand by her and love her no matter what.

Later when talking with Ginny Hermione accidentally slips up with her wording and clues Ginny into her feelings for Harry. When asked if its true Hermione apologises profusely but Ginny points out she has nothing to apologise for, on the contrary, with every opportunity to act on her desires she instead went out of her way to get Harry and her back together. Hermione says she could never take happiness for herself at the cost of happiness to either one of them.

Ginny's mind starts entertaining the idea that Hermione wants to give Harry the one thing Ginny can't give him and that considering Harry's willingness to share her with Luna would it really be so bad to share Harry with Hermione. The suggestion, when she makes it, doesn't go over well with either but badgering them into it Harry and Hermione go on a spectacularly awkward date. Harry refuses to talk about it with Ginny who seeks out an equally tight-lipped Hermione. Declaring that being a crappy date for Hermione will see Harry in the doghouse coerces Hermione into defending him.

Ginny says that if Hermione really wants him then she shouldn't accept any other outcome. If she was willing to do whatever it took to reunite Ginny with Harry, why not fight for her chance with him? Hermione for once doesn't plan, doesn't hesitate and doesn't falter and goes to Harry and snogs him senseless. Harry reciprocates and begins to accept the idea that there could be a relationship between them.

Into the Future:
Hermione begins studying Ginny's condition and invents a medical charm that informs her that while Ginny's womb will never carry a pregnancy her ovaries and eggs are fine. She volunteers to serve as a surrogate to Ginny and Harry's IVF baby... only to discover she is already pregnant with Harry's child.

Ron bounces back from rock bottom while working at Charlie's Dragon Preserve, saving Charlie's and a dozen other tamers' lives with quick thinking and then meeting an astonished muggle woman who somehow managed to wander through the Preserve's muggle-repelling wards, a woman who Ron will eventually marry.

A year after the birth of Harry and Hermione's son (and a quick wedding before the pregnancy can show) they attempt the IVF surrogacy. When the first round fails a little potions help is used and of the four implanted embryos (standard procedure) three take and Hermione is carrying triplet children of Harry and Ginny.

A few years on again and while visiting the Delacours in France Gabrielle narrowly avoids accidentally bonding to Harry. Her whole family has assumed her Veela heritage to be dormant when she never developed the allure... when in actuality it surfaced at the same time that Gabby did, from the lake during the Second Task of the Tri-Wizard and has only focused on Harry, her saviour, ever since. Harry had no idea of the significance, having felt her allure but completely resisted responding to it. Gabrielle has had a long string of spectacularly failed relationships, unable to give herself properly to anyone because her Veela nature is locked onto Harry.

Eventually Ginny and Hermione welcome her and ends up binding all four of them into one shared bond rather than just connecting Harry and Gabrielle.

A few years on again and Luna enters their lives more permanently when she arrives and declares that she wants to have a baby and in lieu of Ginny's inability to impregnate her she would like Harry to father it... whether he wants to use IVF or do it the traditional way. Luna is never a wife to Harry so much as she is a wife to Ginny but becomes as odd, unique and quirky part of their family as she is a personality in daily life.