Begins: After Deathly Hallows.
Ends: Unknown.


After the Battle of Hogwarts there's no rest for Harry (or most others for that matter) as large-scale clean up of the castle begins, bodies are unearthed and buried, rogue dark creatures now loose from control or loyalty are running wild and not a few Death Eaters and Snatchers who fled the aftermath of the battle. In particular, Harry also has the unenviable job of being 'the Dumbledore' of Britain's reconstruction and reconciliation, being made to sit through meetings and hearings if only to 'bang the gavel' as the only authority people respect enough to stop squabbling over what's left.

He is also subjected to a long tedious and drawn out negotiation with Gringotts to settle up over the matter of the damages, the actions of the Puppet-Ministry and the rancor of some of the collaboration that the Goblins opportunistically engaged in with the Dark forces. This goes on for months and months as others finally settle down, Hogwarts reopens in time for the next year with Hermione and Ginny returning to school while Ron goes to work for George and Harry gets stuck arbitrating (wiping the Wizarding World's bum, in his mind).

Other things have drastically changed for Harry too. Without having the impediment of the Dark Lord's soul fragment leeching off his magic and a large portion of his magic tied up keeping the fragment in check Harry's magical strength has drastically increased because of what was essentially 17 years of 'resistance training'. On top of that his hormones go haywire as a final, delayed growth spurt arrives and shoots him to just over six feet tall. The final straw being the emergence of a new talent that had apparently been suppressed by his status as a horcrux, he's a metamorphmagus (though not quite Tonks-level).

After months of endless stress, lack of sleep, paranoid caution from lurking revenge-seekers and neglecting his health the inevitable result is a borderline nervous breakdown. He spends a month recuperating and despite increased squabbling and the occasional flare up in tensions he sees that even though everyone is demanding, pleading and begging for his return to 'lead them' that society has finally reached a point where it can get by without him leading it by the hand. In light of this he decides to bow out of the halls of power and instead spends his time visiting Teddy, dropping in on Bill and Fleur, hanging in the back workroom of WWW with George and reading and relaxing at Grimmauld Place as he tries to figure out what to do next.

One Hogsmeade weekend he decides to drop in to visit those who are still at or who went back to Hogwarts.

Hermione is Head Girl and her relationship with Ron went to pieces before it really began after he unwisely disputed her plan to spend the remainder of the time before her return to Hogwarts going to Australia to retrieve her parents rather than spending it with him. Neville and Hannah are almost stomach-churningly happy and sappy. Ginny after pestering Harry for a while to restart their relationship ends up returning to Dean and seems much happier for it, if still a lot awkward around Harry.

Luna however has blossomed in more ways than one. She's become quite beautiful now and altogether very attractive physically but of greater significance is that she has recently developed the recessive-trait which earned the Lovegood's their family name.

Second Sight... for Sex.

She can sense the arousal level of anyone she lays eyes on and if they are thinking about sex, whenever someone is having sex within a hundred yards or so of where she is (and then view it), how long it has been since someone last had sex and what kind and with a kiss she knows (based on her family's grimoire which has unlocked for her now) she will be able to divine the specific desires, fantasies and kinks of a person.

She's also decided that if she's going to be a Sex-Seer and spend a lot of time thinking about sex and having it... that she's going to act on her very lustful fantasies about Harry.

Her approach is simple enough. The moment she encounters Harry in the Three Broomsticks she walks right up to him and snogs him soundly, in front of everyone else and then (savouring the Insights she just received) greets him with an apparently calm 'Hello, Harry Potter'. 'Uh, er, hello Luna... that was a very... friendly greeting'. 'Yes, I suppose it was. Do you have a girlfriend Harry?'. 'No, actually'. 'Would you like one?'. 'Uh, yeah, I guess'. 'Oh good' and then Luna snogs him hard again along with groping him a little.

Over the next week he and Luna correspond by owl several times a day. Harry hasn't been able to stop thinking about her and neither can Luna stop thinking about Harry and what she learned when she kissed him. A virgin and a massively frustrated one at that... well that makes two of them. To her delight he also has an abundantly active imagination and an extensive catalogue of sexual fantasies of which she is one of the witches who has made appearances - specifically after their date to Slug Club in sixth year where he imagined a distinctly different ending to the night.

Luna sends him a letter telling him to go to the Hogshead one night and when he arrives he expects Luna to have snuck out to see him but instead Aberforth points him to Ariana's painting and he goes through the tunnel to the Room of Requirements... where Luna is waiting for him in the same dress she wore to the Slug Club Christmas party the two years previously and which is now considerably shorter and tighter on her matured body.

Several long, delightful and exhausting hours later and Luna is basking in the glow of her first time. Her deflowering has, as promised by the records in the Lovegood grimoire, dramatically increased the scope of her Gift.

Some Possible Ideas:
- Dream-walking. Anyone that Luna has been intimate with in the preceding year or so can have their dreams visited and altered by Luna and any willing companion who is also asleep and touching Luna skin-to-skin when she dream-walks. No end of naughty opportunity here as the story goes on.

- Increased range and function to her sex-sight. Almost all of Hogwarts is now open to her voyeuristic pleasure. A form of psychometry: sitting, standing, touching or otherwise interacting with places and objects which have been used for sex - beds, furniture, floors and improvised or dedicated sex-toys or accessories - lets her watch what went on.

- Simply touching another person's skin, rather than needing to kiss, allows her to see their fantasies, desires and kinks and with eye contact can cause a person's thoughts to be derailed into thinking about those things and (for those horny enough and receptive enough) of ideas, daydreams or concepts that Luna feeds them from her own mind.

The Lovegood grimoire also contains an abundance of sex-magic spells and rituals suitable for enhancing sex and realising/achieving various kinks and deviancies. I'd prefer that it not go completely overboard into huge/outrageous/squicky body-mods or sub-dom enslavement stuff. I was thinking more like spells or rituals to temporarily or permanently (once off) engorging breasts a realistic cup-size or adding an inch or two to a man's penis. A reasonable explanation for sudden absence of gag-reflex. Lubrication, muscle relaxation and sensory deprivation spells. Localised duration tickling charms, tongue lengthening or lactation.

The room provides Luna and Harry with almost unlimited capacity for exploring their desires and fantasies. Almost, that is. Luna's kinks include exhibitionism and she desperately wants to be watched. She also delights in 'seeing' Harry's other fantasies about other women: Hermione, Fleur, Tonks, Susan, Katie, Angelina and Alicia, Daphne, Narcissa and more. The idea of actually watching Harry with another woman is one she absolutely wants to pursue.

Their New Career:
Luna's first plan is polyjuice and then watching the memories of Harry with Luna under polyjuice using a penseive but Harry is adamantly against using a person's appearance without their knowledge. Even though the temptation is almost irresistible when Luna's first choice, sprung on Harry by surprise, is to jump him already transformed into Hermione.

After that she bargains with Harry to summon hairs from strangers, women he finds attractive but doesn't know. Muggles preferably, as their hair will work just fine. Later she begins encouraging Harry to morph too, to at least be unrecognisable as Harry... and her plan is to leave 'Penseive Orbs' of Morphed!Harry and Polyjuice!Luna around Hogwarts and using her sight watch the reaction of people using them. A way for her to live out her exhibitionist fantasies.

Later Still:
The Penseive Orbs become a huge and forbidden hit at Hogwarts, allowing the user to hold the orb and drop into the memory and witness in perfect 3D detail the sex act recorded within. Eventually one falls into George's hands but try as he might he can't reverse-engineer Luna's work. It does inspire him however to open a secret Adult Wheeze section of WWW visible only to those of age.

Harry is shown the plans for this addition on a visit to George as well as being handed the Penseive Orb for his own consideration. Amused he relates this occurrence to Luna who sees it as a brilliant opportunity to spread her deviancy to the entire Wizarding World. She convinces Harry that they should tell George the truth about the source of the Orbs and start mass producing various 'Porn-Orbs' for sale at WWW.

It's a huge success and soon George is receiving 'customer suggestions', even entire scripts. Luna and Harry are delighted to produce a number of them but find that even a metamorph and a sex-seer can only have so much sex in a day with school and other responsibilities as well as the fact that scripts/demand calls for more than two people. For every problem, Luna feels, there is a solution.

Luna already knows, thanks to her gift, who are the most ardent fans of their work in the castle and so touches them and peruses their fantasies to see if any of them involve actually participating in a porno for real or even fantasies about Harry and Luna themselves. There are a surprisingly large number of candidates who fit the bill.

Time for a casting call.

Who will Luna and Harry recruit to their new business AND pleasure enterprise? The usual suspects: Hermione, Daphne, Susan? Or some less known: Su Li, Demelza Robins, Sally-Ann Perks? Both? The real unlikely: one of the teachers like Sinestra, Babbling or Vector? Or Pansy? Or Narcissa? The new DADA teacher (an OFC)?

And with their new cast what new porn will they unleash?