Begins: Fifth Year, Chapter 18 - 'Dumbledore's Army'.

Somewhat complicated.

One-sided Harry/Ginny from Ginny.

Largely PWP.

How it Began:
It all begins with Ginny sitting on her bed in the Gryffindor girls dormitory reading a letter from her mother and scrutinizing the small vial of potion it came wrapped around. In response to her letters filled with pining and daydreams about her imminent future with Harry Potter her mother has sent her an Enticement Potion, not unlike the one Molly used on Arthur all those years ago.

Not dark magic at all, certainly nothing like those love potions. The only thing it would do is remind Harry that Ginny Weasley was there waiting for him to talk to her, whispering her name to him when he was lonely. It would just make Harry more aware of her, more attentive, that's all.

Besides, Ginny thought, there was no need for a love potion. Harry was already in love with her, she was sure. She'd seen his glances, caught him watching after her, appreciating her beauty and was obviously warring with his honourable and noble intentions.

She had worked two years to make herself into the princess that her Prince Charming deserved. She had known that her dreams were actually fate when he rescued her from that terrible monster in that vile dungeon from the very monster who had taken away his loved ones, he had preserved her though! Fearless, brave and heroic!

Dating Michael Corner was fun of course, but nothing more and merely a means to an end. She'd learned how to kiss and a little more, but saved everything else for Harry. She would be his first and she would make sure he wanted her to be his last. Dating also made him see her as a woman and not 'ickle Gin-Gin, Ron Weasley's little sister.

Now was the time though for Harry to claim her, so why did he hesitate?

Had she not been clear enough that she was his? Her smiles, her laughs, her touches all for him? Did she have to parade around with her tits half out like that slag Brown? Or feign incompetence like that cow-eyed slut Chang? Maybe it was Hermione keeping him the library bleating about OWLs and getting the next DA meeting prepared?

So many distractions! Harry, of course, was so selfless and loyal that he made time for all those nuisances and attention seekers. No wonder he hadn't approached her. He wanted her but he needed a push to take what he wanted. An Enticement Potion wouldn't help with that. It wouldn't make him need her... need...

Ginny's brilliant plan is born. She'll use a Lust Potion and Harry will become so aroused he won't be able to stop himself from coming for her, seducing her and making her his forever!

The Result:
At lunch the next day Ginny uses her feminine attributes and invading Harry's personal space to distract him from his pumpkin juice long enough to slip a double-dose of Lust Potion into his glass. Her plan almost immediately goes awry when Hermione arrives and Harry passes her his warm pumpkin juice - because Hermione's sensitive teeth ache from cold drinks - and pours himself a fresh one.

One mild heart attack later sees Hermione only takes a quick sip so Ginny is able to perform a switching spell from under the table and put the potion back in Harry's possession. As soon as Harry starts to show signs of succumbing she casually informs him that she's going out for a walk around the lake, so he'll know where to find her.

Ginny ends up waiting for a very long and disappointing time in the small wizarding tent she set up for the occasion because Harry goes to the library and spends the next two hours fruitlessly trying to study while he feels like he has a fever, like he's going to crawl out of his skin, he is hard as an iron post and brief eye contact with a witch he hardly knows has him imagining her laying on the table with her robes hitched up...

He abandons the library, heading back to Gryffindor Tower to go to bed so he can sleep off this illness. As he arrives at the Fat Lady, barely able to think let alone remember the password, Parvati emerges. Thankfully she doesn't notice him ogling her chest because she's looking over her shoulder into the common room. Ducking around her Parvati barely gets to warm him when he is knocked to the floor beneath the incredibly soft and curvy form of Lavender Brown.

Lavender's outrageous flirtation nearly makes Harry roll her beneath him and start mauling her, only Parvati's interruption stops him. After more lewd questions about whether he needed a couple of nurses to 'check for swelling' and Harry finally staggers into his bed and takes the 'problem' in hand. One debilitating orgasm later but feeling no better for it he falls asleep.

On waking from an immensely filthy dream he feels no better and decides that there's nothing else for it, he'll have to go to the Hospital Wing and hope that Filch didn't find him and turn him over to Umbridge. He barely starts out of Gryffindor Tower and already he feels like his heart is going to explode out of his chest and his dirty dream about Lavender and Parvati keeps re-running in his head. Pausing he realises that he's right near the entrance to the Room of Requirement. He required help, didn't he? Deciding it was worth a try he paces back and forth in front of the entrance thinking that he needs help and nothing else.

Opening the door that appears Harry finds the Hospital Wing, a very useful short-cut all things considered. Staggering in he calls out for Madam Pomfrey... but that's not who appears. Before him is Lavender and Parvati in decidedly non-Matronly nurses' outfits, straight out of his dream. Gaping Harry barely responds as they tut-tut him and drag him over to a far-from standard hospital bed and immediately drape themselves over him. Lavender leaning forward to place her hand on his forehead, her large breasts almost falling out of the tight and wide open top and into his face. Parvati begins undoing the buttons on his shirt and 'examining' the skin that's revealed.

For the next three hours Harry experiences the most lurid sexual fantasy of any bloke in Hogwarts as Lavender and Parvati wring every last drop of Lust Potion out of his system until he passes out. When he wakes up late the next morning he discovers that the bed he is in is the only thing in an otherwise empty room. Getting dressed and limping out the door he realises he was never in the Hospital Wing... it was all a dream? The Room had created the whole thing... including the girls? Going back to Gryffindor Tower, thankful it's a Saturday, so he hasn't missed any classes, he has to pass off his limp as a fall while practicing some spells for the DA.

Meanwhile Lavender and Parvati are up in their dorm lying in bed together having just finished getting each other off. 'Do you think it was prophetic?' Lavender pants, her voice somewhat hopeful. 'It was just a dream, Lav! It... there's no way...' Parvati insists, unconvincingly. 'But we had the same dream, that's got to mean something!'. 'It means we should have found a broom closet yesterday instead of going to have that weird tea with Professor Trelawney... that's probably what caused the dream'. 'The tea must have been a blend that makes you dream about the future!'. Parvati snogs Lavender to get her to stop speculating when the two of them will seduce Harry.

If At First You Don't Succeed? Fail, fail again:
Ginny rationalises that there must have been something wrong with the potion she got off of that 7th year. Her casual inquiries towards an eager to please Dean supplies her with the knowledge that Harry had staggered up and gone to bed and slept through dinner. Next time, she decided, she would brew it herself.

It takes her a week to get the recipe, ingredients, prepare it and find an opportunity to give it to her future husband, slipping it into hot chocolate distributed in the common room by some jovial Seventh Years. Harry begins to feel that familiar feeling again, Ginny having overdosed him like last time, and soon afterwards Hermione catches him staring down her shirt. The wide-eyed surprised and adorable gnawing on her bottom lip as she lifts her book to conceal the growing blush on her face is all so erotic he almost leaps across to the couch she is on and...

Harry stands in front of the Room of Requirement and can't bring himself to use it to summon one of his many, many fantasies of Hermione. He just wouldn't be able to forgive himself or look at her in the eyes ever again. It would have to be another witch and he quickly decides on one...

Four hours of shagging Fleur Delacour in her bedroom (as he imagined it) aboard the Beauxbaton's carriage and Harry finally passes out asleep. Ginny is very confused now, what went wrong this time? Meanwhile at her apartment in Diagon Alley Fleur wakes up to the most marvellous orgasm in her life and lies there thinking about the obscenely naughty dream she just had about Harry...

Ginny brews a new batch and doses Harry again, this time in his soup before dinner. Harry, having been on the receiving end of some teasing from Susan during the last DA meeting calls the Room with Susan waiting for a little 'one-on-one training' and spends hours 'working out' with the Hufflepuff. Susan, who has a little crush on Harry is absolutely stunned by the content of her dream and doubts she'll ever be able to look him in the eye again.

Arthur is attacked by Nagini and Harry and the Weasleys are swept off to Grimmauld Place for Christmas. On New Years Eve there's a small party in progress, Tonks is the life of the party and drags Harry into 'dancing like a hippogryff' and even gets Hermione to join in on doing the Macarena. Ginny seethes as Tonks flirts like crazy with Harry and as Harry stares slack-jawed at Hermione's dancing. Deciding Harry taking her virginity is an excellent New Year's resolution she doses his butter-beer... only to watch in horror as Tonks sidles over, nicks the bottle and chugs the lot before dragging Harry into dancing with her again.

Desperately trying to think up a way to fix things she lifts a mince-pie from Ron's overfull fourth (or sixth) plate of food and instantly begins to feel queasy. Spotting the Twins quickly ducking out of the room she realises she's been hit with a prank meant for Ron. Her plan to go to her mum for help or give the Twins a piece of her mind are all deferred in favour of running to the bathroom as fast as she can - and spending most of the rest of the night there.

Meanwhile Harry gets out of the shower and goes to his room to find a completely naked Tonks waiting in his bed. She tells him that she hopes he can shag like a hippogryff and pulls him on top of her. Neither gets to sleep until the sun comes up. When Tonks wakes in the morning and realises what happened she is just a bit ashamed of herself, she begs Harry not to tell anyone and when he seems to take that badly she snogs him hard and tells him that he was a spectacular shag... but he is Azkaban bait, at least until next year.

With his memories of what he's been doing in the Room, let alone what went on with Tonks, Harry informs Snape that he can go and get bent and he'll get Occlumency lessons from someone else. Tonks immediately volunteers when he explains his situation.

Back to Hogwarts and Ginny can brew more potion.

Who is next? Katie Bell asks Harry to train Ginny up as Seeker and his next time in the Room her calls her up? Luna walks back to Hogwarts with him after Rita interviews him for the Quibbler (Chapter 25) and he consults her on what happened with his date with Cho and Luna is Luna... and Harry calls her up in the Room. Tonks is in the castle for an Occlumency lesson and his potion-driven lust filled thoughts set Tonks off for another round.

How far around the bend will Ginny go? When does she start to obsess that Harry hasn't seduced her because he's under the influence of some other witch's love potion? How long until Harry is confronted with the evidence that witches he calls up in the Room get the memories of what happened with Harry? Will he end up slapped to death or will he end up with a bunch of girls interested in making their dreams come true, so to speak?