Begins: Sixth Year, Chapter 14 - 'Felix Felicis'.


Plot, then Porn.

Story Outline:
After Ron and Lavender hook-up and Hermione finds herself stood-up for Slughorn's Christmas party Harry offers to take her, surprising Hermione somewhat. As a date? Er, no... I mean, unless? Hermione hesitates and then shakes her head and remains quiet for a while before eventually saying he should go with someone he wants to date, not be trying to make up for Ron being a prat.

Harry's thoughts immediately turn to Ginny but he ruthlessly stamps that thought out with his early conviction that he doesn't feel that way about her and even if he did, which he didn't, she was Ron's sister and Ron would fly off the handle... and she was dating that bastard Dean. Imagining going on a date with Hermione makes Harry pause and all-in-all he thinks it would probably be a wonderful alternative, at least having someone he could talk with and not mess up... probably. But Hermione has been 'second choice' already and that wouldn't be fair. Besides, he'd already asked and she'd said no.

After Madam Pince flips her lid over the desecration of a book, the Half-Blood Prince's text, Hermione tries to work up some ire about the book she's supposed to be angry about but she's just too depressed to bother and not ready to drive away the one friend she's got left. The threat of total social isolation like her childhood lurks in the dark recesses of her mind.

Harry chews Ron out after he mocks Hermione during Transfiguration class and made her run away crying and when he finds her and Luna together he ends up asking Luna to the party before Hermione leaves. Hermione is pleased for Harry that Luna says yes but afterwards she starts to wonder if she shouldn't have accepted Harry's invitation after all.

When he offers to take Luna to the party, as a friend, she beams Harry a truly brilliant smile. He suddenly remembers her remark on the Express, that she missed the DA because it was 'almost like having friends'. He realises he could stand to be a better friend to the girl who flew with him to London and fought Death Eaters... as does the fact that Luna is, if unconventionally so, quite pretty.

That night as Harry lies in bed, curtains drawn and silenced (against Ron's snoring) his mind drifts back to his earlier thoughts during the day. Thoughts that turn somewhat less pure as he imagines snogging Luna after their date, then his mind replaces her with what might have happened if Hermione had agreed, then the thought of Ginny. One very satisfying and guilty wank later and he falls asleep.

The next day Ginny is with Luna after they leave class and she asks if it's true that she's going to the Christmas party with Harry. Luna confirms it and Ginny feels a small stab of envy but nonetheless is nothing but happy for her friend who is clearly very excited about it. Despite herself Ginny can't keep from asking if it's a romantic date or just friends. Luna stares at Ginny with a piercing and totally clear gaze that unnerves the Weasley before asking if Ginny is interested in Harry romantically.

Ginny denies it immediately and is unsettled when Luna simply replies 'Liar' and continues musing aloud about what she should do on her date with Harry. She has been very interested in the idea of kissing a boy lately and certainly Harry is one of the only boys she'd want to kiss... 'Oh, Ginny? Could you help me pick a dress for the party?'. Ginny nods dumbly, her thoughts racing.

At dinner Luna decides to join Harry at the Gryffindor table. Ron's challenge of why 'Loony' is at their table stirs renewed and deeper anger in Harry towards Ron's incredible capacity for being a prat but before he can speak Ginny tears into him. Hermione drops her bombshell about going to the party with McLaggen and when Parvati remarks about Hermione's taste in Quidditch players, Krum and McLaggen, Hermione's statement that she only likes really good Quidditch players sees Luna chime in that she should be dating Harry then.

Harry coughs on his food in shock, Hermione blushes deep red and Ron's face turns into a scowl that Vernon Dursley could be proud of, sneering that Harry could take 'Loony and the Nag' and sarcastically remarks how much fun that would be. Harry snaps at Ron that he can stop insulting his friends at any time if he doesn't want to be cursed and that he already did ask Hermione but she turned him down.

All things considered, Luna decides later that evening, if she can she'd rather have a good snog at the end of her 'friendly date' with Harry. She decides to wear something a little more sexy and convinces Padma to lend her a form-fitting Indian-styled dress. It pays off too with Harry gaping at the sight of her when he meets her in the Entrance Hall, especially the slightly exposed mid-rift and the way it lifts her bust.

At the party Slughorn remarks that Harry has snagged himself a great beauty and Harry can't help but voice his agreement, to Luna's delight. Hermione is grateful for the friendly faces of Harry and Luna, pausing to compliment Luna on her dress while Luna says Hermione looks very sexy too, making her blush, especially when looking to Harry he just smiles and nods. Suddenly Hermione looks behind then and scurries for cover from McLaggen, she tells them about how he keeps trying to get her under the mistletoe.

While Luna looks around hopefully for said mistletoe Harry and Hermione discuss her choice of a date. Hermione huffs and admits it was a stupid decision to try and goad Ron and wasn't even worth the effort, let alone the consequences. Luna points out that if she really cared about Ron she wouldn't try to be as hurtful towards him as he has been towards her

Then Draco and Filch crash the party. Harry turns to Luna to make an excuse but she preempts him by telling him to go snoop on Malfoy, she'll keep Hermione company until he gets back and kisses him on the cheek. Gathering his wits Harry slips on his cloak and follows Draco and Snape out of the party while slurping a generous portion of Felix Felicis. When their argument ends Harry finds himself in the path of a pissed off Snape.

Rapidly retreating up the hall looking for somewhere to duck into he comes to a broom cupboard and ducks inside... only to bump into Dean Thomas who stumbles forward and braces himself from falling by putting his hands on Ginny's chest. Ginny immediately shoves Dean away and yells at him that it was snogging only, Dean defends that he lost his balance and Ginny asks acidly if he lost his balance yesterday when he tried to put his hand up her skirt, over his protests she spits out that she's had enough of him. Harry ducks out of the way just in time as Ginny storms off.

While he is gone Luna brings up the tension between Harry and Hermione and how Harry seems more lonely this year because of it. Hermione begins to relate how Harry is using some unknown person's potions notes to cheat but Luna cuts her off. Firstly there are always better ways to do something, that's why new editions and revisions of books get published. Even if Harry was cheating would it be so bad, after years of atrocious instruction at the hands of Snape it could be the only way for Harry to get the Potions NEWT needed to become an Auror.

Hermione frowns and sullenly shrugs. Good, Luna agrees with Hermione's non-admission, now why did you refuse to come to this party with Harry? You wanted to, I can tell. Hermione denies it but Luna simply says Hermione has feelings for Harry. Hermione insists she likes Ron... but even to her own ears it sounds hollow. Luna submits that Hermione settled her hopes on Ron because she was too afraid to tell Harry. Hermione says it was the right thing to do, at least she knows Ron likes her so he is... was the better choice.

Luna bursts out laughing as if Hermione had told the funniest joke ever.
'It's not funny Luna!'
'Oh, Hermione, you're so silly. You decided how you would feel about Harry and Ron?'
'No, well, sort of, I mean I made a choice how I would act.'
'Hermione, you don't choose love. If love was a choice, no one would choose it.'
'That's ridiculous, Luna. Everyone wants to love, to be loved.'
'Love is madness Hermione, love is caring about someone more than you care about yourself. Caring even when you know it's going to get you hurt. Love is always choosing them, always trusting them, always believing in them - even when it is entirely unreasonable. Hermione, have you considered that you might already be in love?'
Hermione is dumbfounded.

Luna then points out that after five years neither Ron nor Harry have changed who they really are as people. Ron still taunted her and sent her running to a bathroom crying... and Harry still came looking for her to make sure she was okay. Hermione's already spinning mind filled with disordered thoughts is suddenly brought total clarity by Luna's insight. But... it doesn't matter, does it?

'I've been watching him, you know. He's hung up on Ginny. I've seen the way he looks at her. He's jealous of her being with Dean'. Luna nods in agreement and says that it's not surprising, Ginny is pretty hot and she wouldn't mind a chance to snog her now. Hermione stares at Luna bug-eyed... but, but... Luna's dating Harry! It's hardly what Hermione is really thinking, but it's the first thing she blurts out. Just a friendly date, Luna points out, but she hopes Hermione won't mind when she drags Harry away for a snog at the end... she's never kissed a boy before, maybe it'll be different.

Hermione is still reeling, again, when McLaggen calls her name and starts coming towards them. Before Hermione can do anything Luna sends a tripping jinx which sends Cormac stumbling into some old bore and making him spill his mead over a woman half his age. Hermione and Luna make their escape and run into Harry just outside the party as he's about to re-enter.

Hermione, Harry and Luna are walking back up to the seventh floor, they are about to part ways with Harry taking Luna back to Ravenclaw while Hermione head back to Gryffindor when Ginny comes around the corner. She's about to ask about the party when suddenly there's the sound of smashing glass and billowing clouds of purple smoke fill the corridor.

Draco came up to use the Room of Requirement but found the four of them gathered in front of it. Seeing an opportunity to get the whole lot of them in trouble he takes one of the potions, class samples, given to him by Flint and casts a spell on it so it will vapourise when it's opened: Tears of Aphrodite, a lust potion.

Under the influence Hermione is immediately lip-locked with Harry and the moment she comes up for air Ginny takes her place. Luna is patiently waiting her turn while fondling Hermione's and Ginny's bums when she hears the sound of approaching footfalls and Filch questioning his cat. She quickly opens the Room and drags Harry, Hermione and Ginny inside before they are discovered.

Inside there's not much other than a very large bed and the four-potions inflamed teens proceed to engage in many hours of uninhibited, orgiastic love-making with each other.

Does it end there? Or does it deal with the aftermath? More chapters where all four accept what happened and decide if they want it to continue? Will Harry own up to his use of Felix Felicis? His accidental role in Ginny and Dean's break-up? Some romance to balance things out?