Begins: During Sixth Year.


Largely PWP.

Story Outline:
Luna approaches Harry one evening while he is in the library researching, she asks him for help with her DADA material. Snape is, naturally, as atrocious at teaching the subject as he was at his previous subject. Being her OWL year Luna, as any good Ravenclaw, wants top marks and given the leaps and bounds she made during the DA the previous year she is hoping to get some tutoring. Harry finds himself agreeing and so they set aside two nights a week to meet in the Room of Requirements or a classroom if they find the Room unavailable.

As he tutors Luna Harry gains the opportunity to further experience and test the very thing that he's been visiting the library trying to research. During the Battle of the Department of Mysteries he kept experiencing almost precognitive flashes of insight about what spells Death Eaters were going to use or how and where they were going to move. Duelling Luna seems to slowly improve his ability to do so, though he starts to have some decidedly dirty thoughts about her.

A couple of weeks later Harry is walking through the library when he runs into Susan, literally. They end up in a pile on the floor, books scattered about and Susan atop of Harry. Embarrassed and awkward Harry and Susan collect the books and Harry notices they are all DADA books, he tells her which ones are good and which ones she can probably skip reading. Susan is surprised and Harry explains he read most of them while preparing material for the DA the previous year. Susan is quiet for a moment and then asks him if he could help her with her DADA practical work. Like tutoring? Please, Susan affirms. She's always had trouble with the practical but Snape's 'Here's the incantation, now cast the spell' isn't nearly as effective as the way Harry got people to think about a spell during the DA.

Soon Harry has agreed to spare another couple of evening to tutoring DADA and Susan proves to be an even more aggressive opponent actually honing Harry's skills as a dueler as well as improving his still unknown talent. However he is experiencing similar urges and impulses as he has been during his tutoring sessions with Luna.

More weeks pass and as Susan and Harry's duels increase their skill levels they also increas the sexual tension. Less heavy, tighter clothing allowing better motion reveals more of each other's bodies and some flirting has creeped into their exchanges. Both are having decidedly naughty dreams about the other as well.

During one bout Susan loses her wand to a disarming charm and charges Harry in attempt to grab his wand hand. Harry anticipates it, thanks to his unusual gift, and locks her wrist, they struggle and Susan trips him, taking him to the ground. Their grappling turns to grinding, then snogging and all thoughts flee them both as their lusts boil over. In short order they both strip naked and proceed to lose their virginities to each other in a frentic round of explosively good sex.

Susan is quiet afterwards as they lay on the floor and Harry starts to panic and apologise. Susan stops him and stammers out that she had thought about sex, between them, in naughty fantasies but she's only ever kissed a guy twice, never more than that. She never imagined she'd actually...

Harry says that kissing twice is more than he's ever done. Susan is surprised and Harry says he hopes she doesn't believe any of the stories and gossip about him. She says she doesn't but, well, she just thought he was more experienced because, because of how good he had been. A blushing Harry says 'Er, thanks?' and the laughter that follows breaks a lot of the tension.

Still not sure what to do their brief moment of quiet intimacy is broken by the sound of knocking on the classroom door and Luna's voice telling them that it's almost curfew. Scrambling to dress Harry and Susan open the door to Luna who asks if Susan enjoyed her DADA tutoring and then, after Susan's stuttered yes, whether she enjoyed the sex tutoring. Harry has a coughing fit, Susan chokes and after she looks Susan and Harry up and down asks Harry if he'd tutor her in sex as well.

Susan blurts about curfew and runs back to the Hufflepuff dorms. Harry is silent for a bit, thinking up his own excuse to run away but when he opens his mouth what he blurts out is to ask whether Luna meant it. Luna says she does, he waits for her to elaborate but instead she just smiles. Alas, she points out, it is curfew after all and there'll be no time for sex tonight. She kisses his cheek and leaves.

After giving Susan a day to approach him, which she doesn't, he decides to track her down, using the Map, and talk to her about what happened. He finds her near the Greenhouses sitting on a bench with her friend Hannah and after Susan nods to him he approaches, a furiously blushing Hannah breaking eye contact with him and scuttling away.

Harry starts by saying he doesn't want them to start avoiding each other. They are, were friends, before, weren't they? He doesn't have so many friends he's ready to lose one if he can help it. Susan mumbles that she does consider him a friend and she does enjoy their lessons... the tutoring that is. Silence stretches and Harry asks if she's okay, he didn't hurt her, did he? He wasn't exactly gentle. Susan, remembering exactly how forceful they'd both been, shivers and flushes from arousal. She assures him she's fine and that, when Harry brings it up next, that she's on the potion, so there's no problem there either. No offence intended, Harry says, but he'd rather finish Hogwarts first, before he had kids. Susan's imagination is fired up by the thought of her eventual obligation to give the Bones' line new heirs and the idea of Harry's possible role in making it happen.

Her forbidden thoughts are derailed by Harry not-guessing that Hannah knows what happened. Susan nods and then asks if he told anyone and is relieved when he says he didn't. She doesn't want anyone thinking she's 'easy'. Harry denies it but Susan stammers that she ripped off her clothes and begged him to have sex with her. Harry's pants become very tight at the recollection of exactly that even as he points out that she's not doing that right now, is she? Harry points out that a girl who was easy and who got into the Boy-Who-Lived's pants wouldn't be conflicted and would probably be trying to do it again. This relieves a lot of Susan's doubts.

It wasn't like... well... 'What if it happens again?' she blurts out, her cheeks starting to burn as she hears her own question. Harry fidgets beside her and when she finally looks at him again he asks 'What if it did?'. Susan's heart is racing, blood boiling in her veins, her lips tingling. Harry asks if maybe she'd be interested... in well...

As Harry trails off Susan's mind leaps to the improbable idea that Harry is suggesting casual sex. Instead Harry elaborates his thought, that perhaps they could try dating. Sure, usually things, er, progressed in a different order, but if she'd like to try, just to see. Susan, calming herself if only slightly, considers it for a moment and almost says yes but chickens out and instead says that maybe next year she'd be interested but after what just happened maybe it'd be better to not try to turn it into something else.

Nodding Harry just asks if she'd still like to meet for their tutoring in the same classroom or if, maybe, she'd prefer somewhere else. Susan hesitates and then says she's fine... with the way things are. Locking eyes with her Harry gets the sense, like his unknown gift is telling him, that Susan is also accepting the possibility of them repeating what happened during their last lesson. Suddenly he remembers Luna and flinches, Susan asks what it is and Harry reminds her of who interrupted their... last lesson. Susan smirks and asks if Harry is planning to tutor Luna as well. When Harry stutters that he wouldn't do that Susan puts her hand on his and tells him that she's not his girlfriend, that what he does or doesn't do with Luna is between he and Luna and that she'll see him for their next lesson before she gets up and leaves.

Harry and Luna meet for their next tutoring lesson and Luna asks if Susan will be joining them. When Harry says she won't Luna remarks 'Poo' she was hoping this time she could watch them having sex. Harry decides that's as good an opening as any, with Luna, and broaches the topic of what happened last night.

Harry asks if she's still serious about wanting to have sex with him. Luna explains that he's a physically attractive, older boy who is nice to her, cares about what she thinks, helps her because he can and best of all she now knows he is experienced at pleasuring a woman. Virginity is a pesky problem to do away with, after all. Harry, somewhat unnerved by her forthrightness fobs off that it wouldn't be proper, because of him and Susan. Luna just aks if they are dating now. No, no... just friends. Oh, then if it's okay for Harry and Susan to be friends and have sex then it should be okay for them to be sexy friends.

Before Harry can try to wrap his head around that and argue Luna begins asking questions about DADA. Their lesson continues, ladened with innuendos until at the end of the evening when Luna remarks that it wasn't quite how she was hoping to get sweaty and exhausted with Harry, but there's always next time. Then she lifts her shirt, flashing her breasts with a 'Sweet dreams, Harry' and leaves.

During his next tutoring lesson a thoroughly worked up, frustrated and blue-balled Harry finds himself once again landing atop of Susan. Biting back on every urge he has he gets off and offers her a hand up while Susan is suprised to find herself just a little disappointed that he didn't ravish her.

The next few days until Luna's tutoring session sees Harry's mind awhirl with thoughts about both witches and when Luna sits across from him at breakfast, the morning of their lesson, and eats a banana in a frankly lewd manner, his patience goes bankrupt. At their lesson he asks her if she's like to work on her DADA material or have sex and Luna enthusiastically strips off.

What follows are several long erotic hours where Luna indulges her every inclination and Harry gladly assists her in doing so. Afterwards she snogs him long and hard and says she still thinks she has a lot of improving to do, she'll need regular lessons. They part ways with Harry feeling decided mellow and Luna having a rather pronounced limp to her swaying gait.

What Next?:
Will there be more witches? Perhaps Padma asks Luna why she's limping and Luna simply replies that Harry gave her sex tutoring before collapsing exhausted into bed. Padma, partially driven by jealousy because of an unacted upon attraction to the younger Ravenclaw, leaps to the conclusion that Harry has abused Luna's trust in him as her tutor to take advantage and tries to attack him in the hallway the next day. Subduing her he deduces/perceives (with his unknown gift) why and tells her to talk to Luna. Luna's uncensored details get Padma hot under the collar and Padma comes as a 'chaperone' to their next lesson, to make sure everything is okay. Padma says she was impressed by how easily he restrained and disarmed her and starts duelling lessons with him leading to the same result as with Luna and Susan.

Hermione starts to notice or follows him to one of his tutoring lessons? Katie Bell is having trouble with some of her NEWT DADA material and asks Harry for help? Susan and Harry begin having the same casual arrangement that Harry and Luna do and Hannah's questioning of Susan for every detail provokes Susan into telling Hannah she should just find out for herself?

Plot? Oh, if you insist:
Harry's unknown gift is, in fact, an exotic form of Legilimency, the result, ironically, as is much of this fic's plot device, the crappy teaching skills of Snape whose ham-fisted, sabotage-laden Occlumency lessons are responsible. Provoking Harry to drive Snape out of his mind has made Harry's Legilimency very powerful and like a sixth-sense subconsciously feeding him the intent, thoughts and desires of others but without Occlumency shields the same channel that takes in this information leaks his own intent, thoughts and desires into the subconscious of those he focuses it on.

Because of this the natural hormonal and lustful thoughts Harry has or that any teenager, witch or wizard, has are accidentally projected into Susan/Luna's subconscious even as theirs are drawn into his own, creating a sort of reinforcing feedback as they slowly stoke each other's urges. Eventually learning what his gift is lets Harry sharpen it into an entirely different weapon to fight the Dark Lord, rather that just amping up the sexual tension with witches.