Heroes of Olympus 

The lost hero- same but Jason grace and piper try to be a couple. at the end of the story. Piper and Annabeth comfort each other.  Ship gets built on schedule.


 Son of Neptune 

Percy wakes up gorgons

Meets Hazel, Hillary ( Hazel’s Twin) and Franky( frank female)

Story same up until bet with Phineas. 

Percy gains memories of Harry Potter as well (Harry from the inheriting a draconian mantle series from Stargatesg1fan1 plus Katie belle, Padma and Parvati in his harem.)

Harry/ Percy dream about a sybaline book entry written about the quest and him having to remake his harem with girls to complete the Giant war and to rekindle the flame of magic as a the champion of Hecate 

Annabeth- fleur or tonks

Piper —Tonks?

Drew — Cho

Reyna — hermione

Franky — Susan 

Hazel — Padma

Hillary — Parvati 

Rachael Elizabeth Dare (dyed her hair red, natural blonde.)— Luna {makes up a lot of magical creatures} 

Hestia? — Ginny

Calypso — Katie 

Angelina Johnson 

All say at once “ We wait our rebirth” 

Another dream Harry/ Percy told he will regain the deathly hallows after freeing Thanatos  and regains his abilities.

While Seattle Percy goes to a hunting and camping supply shop. Arrows Percy draws runes for the. To explode on impact after released from bow for Franky.

Wants to remake some of the things that he could buy in (wizarding world)

Before they get to Franky’s grand mothers home they camp in the woods attacked by a 1000 yeart old Basilisk/horntail chimera (like in chamber of secrets)sent by Gaea.

Harry kills it Spoils ( skeleton, Hide armor for all three of them wand holster and a rucksack with an undetectable extension charm from Hecate/ trivia with note saying [he’ll need it soon], Paint can full of venom and dual fang Knives and two ocular nerve wand ingredients) claims its hoard of treasure gold coins and -reasons jewels and artifacts and weapons and a philosophers stone. Chests of grimoires.

Grandmothers house all of them talk to Ares like in book, 

Besieging By cannibal giants like in book

Percy tells Hazel and Franky that he has memories of Harry Potter and also Before he had his memory taken. 

Gryphons like in book killed except a baby Percy/ Harry Bows and gains a gryphon friend/ Companian when he bows back (buck Beak) 

Giant killed like in book. 

Harry kills shades. Gaines the eagle back

Harry searches the camp and finds a lot of weapons 

Harry kills Polybatese with AnKlasmos and new elder wand from elder tree case and basilisk eye nerve and thestral hair core. Handle curved basilisk tooth ivory. 

Harry made praetor of new Rome. Find Octavian mortally wounded makes a confession that he attacked Qwen as the game was ending but his momentum wasn’t able to stop it.

Harry sleeps with Reyna and awakens her after gaining hermione again into his life ends with them getting a ‘warning’ that the Greeks will be on their way and be arriving the day after tomorrow Harry and Reyna enjoy each other’s bodies for the whole Day. After they set up a senate meeting both before and after the Greeks arrive. 


The Mark of Athena

Harry sends the spirits back to the Underwood before they can attack new Rome. Harry meets up with Annabeth with Reyna awakens Annabeth, she knows that Harry has awaken Reyna. After the senate they agree to help offer an unification if and when the giants are finished. 

Jason shows piper and Leo around the city, Leo goes to the forges to see if he can help with the rebuilding.

Percy gets knocked off the Argo after they are off to sea he falls and washes up on Ogegia with Calypso, and Gabrielle Delacour about to go through her transformation into an adult/of age Veela,  Harry awakens them and they make up because he forgot about his promise to make sure that the gods freed calypso. While they are catching up Hephaestus comes and visits and helps them craft and enchant a trunk and a tent for three of them. To use ( like Newt scmander’s with his animals) to ‘smuggle’ Calypso off the island for good. 

Harry makes the raft calypso repots her garden, and packs it into the trunk for her to make Camp an new home for her after the war, Harry washes up on the Black Lake and appears at an empty school of Hogwarts, Harry puts the school under the  Fidelius charm.


Goes to te head masters chambers and reawakens the headmasters portraits and finds out that there was an unfortunate occurrence the witches and wizards failed to see, the in-breading made them all squibs and no muggleborns would appear until the champion of Hecate appeared, Harry finds the house elves were put into hibernation until the castle was awoken again by Harry and calypso, look out the window and see movement by the lake  rush out and meet the centaur Herd lead by the chief and Firenze, 


Harry makes an oath they were not there to harm him, Firenze assures Harry they know they would never hurt them. that the centaurs knew he would come and make Hogwarts a shining star for all wizard kind, the centaurs present a very Regal looking snowy owl to Harry ( reborn Hedwig), calypso presents them a few potted sprigs of moon lace as a symbol of friendship between the two ‘Tribes’


Harry goes to the lake and dives in to try and find if there are any merfolk in the lake.

Harry communicated with the chief that they will not enter their domain unannounced ever but would respect their history and sovereignty over the Black lake. But allow the first year students to move in the boats across the black lake


Harry Gabby and calypso spend the night together after the Elves make a meal and start to make Hogwarts brand new and ready for a small group of people to live in again, 


Harry apperates both of them to an almost abandoned Diagon alley, both peer through the windows find them all empty except for Olivanders wand crafter shop waking up from his hibernation only a few months ago and making wands knowing they would one day be needed again soon, Harry goes to gringots for an inheritance test gains the peverell fortune (because he has the deathly hallows) and opens the Hogwarts accounts, allowing the House elves to be ready to renovate the school. 


Harry sends an message to Annabeth that he would meet them on the coast of Gibraltar ready to enter the Mediterranean Sea, when they arrived. 


On their way through France he goes to beaubatons and raids the offices, library, and gets the house elves to move the portraits and artifacts to Hogwarts and to eventually combined the two schools to one. 


Arrive before the straits finds fenrir greyback ( one of Lycons lieutenants) attacking young Remus Lupin about to be bitten, and kills fenrir greyback, awakens Remus and his magic- animagus wolf.


Sees the ship arrives and swims to ship before it passes




Weasley Twins, prank war with Connor and Travis Stole

Connor and Dennis Creevy OC brothers, sons of Apollo

Neville Longbottom- son of Demeter 

Hannah Abbot- Athena/ Apollo

Young Hagrid- son of Hecate 

Young Sirius Black legacy of both nemesis and Eros

Young James Potter - son of Nike and of House Potter 

Young Lily Evans - daughter of Hecate 

Young Severus Snape - Roman legacy of Erebus or Achlys(poison)

Young Remus - Roman legacy of trivia

Tracie Davis - regular witch family still studied runes 

Romilda Vane- witch daughter of Aphrodite 

Angelina Johnson - daughter of Nike

Alicia Spinnet - witch

Margaery tyrell— witch, daughter of banker or trader

Loras tyrell — wizard 

Denaerys Targaryen — witch 

Bill and Charlie Weasley  — wizards brothers

Victor Krum — wizard legacy of Ares (Low on monster radar)

McGonagall- witch+ daughter and granddaughter 

Young Amelia bones and brother- witch and wizard,

Granger parents in dentistry school together.

Daphne and Astoria green grass- both legacy of Hecate will be going to school.