Begins: Fourth Year. Chapter 31 - 'The Third Task'.
Time-Travel to 1361.
Brief interlude during 1945.
Resumes with the aftermath of the Triwizard Tournament.
Ends: Unknown.

Alterations to Canon:
Perhaps, with the inclusion of the Fantastic Beasts timeline.


Appoline and Sebastian Delacour, Fleur's parents, are staying at the Three Broomsticks the night before the Third Task. A knock on the door to their room reveals surprising visitors, four unknown individuals in cowled robes and Eva Glaisyer, the High Witch of the Dauphiné Enclave, the clan of Veela from which Appoline is descended. Appoline is stunned, she's only every met Eva twice in her life on visits to the Enclave, shortly after the birth of each of her daughters, to present them to the clan have their births recorded in the records. A High Witch of a Veela clan almost never sets foot outside of the enclave itself and she can't ever recall one visiting England, a land still heavily steeped in bigotry against demi-human magicals.

Lady Glaisyer says her journey to be there was long destined and directs their attention to two of her hooded companions, who reveal themselves to be Nicolas and Perenell Flamel. Sebastian is dumbfounded, he attended their funerals! A necessary deception, Nicholas assures him, to assure the outcome of events most vital. Momentarily turning her gaze questioningly on the remaining two individuals, still with their cowls over their heads, she asks what vital event, what destiny brings them here and now?

The two remaining undeclared visitors lower their hoods to reveal none other than their own daughter, Fleur, though obviously a few years older than she looked when they last saw her only a few months earlier... and a man who is unmistakably Harry Potter.

During the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament it is Cedric that Krum finds and curses, not Fleur. After stunning Krum and sending up sparks for Cedric, Harry continues on until he encounters Fleur. Conveying what he has witnessed and what he suspects may be happening the two of them agree to put aside competition and work together to overcome the remaining obstacles on their way to the finish. Taking the Cup together transports them to the Graveyard in Little Hangleton and Harry immediately feels the pain in his scar.

He starts to warn Fleur when Pettigrew arrives and raises his wand to fulfil Voldemort's order to 'Kill the Spare' when Fleur instinctively lashes out with her allure. Caught flat-footed by the Veela's power Peter's AK goes slightly wide striking a grave stone as Fleur dives away, Harry tries to stun Pettigrew but the Death Eater has just enough sense to cast a shield spell, reflecting the stunning spell which catches Fleur just before she can get up, Harry and Pettigrew duels for a few long moments before a bludgeon spell catches Harry and sends him tumbling into a grave stone, dazing him long enough to get nailed with another stunner. In the heat of battle no one notices that the Cup was struck with one of Harry's blasting curses and is now quite ruined.

The ritual and the resurrection of Voldemort proceeds apace with Fleur a helpless bystander tied to a statue, as a reward for young Barty, witnessing everything. Following the instructions of his father's spectre Harry breaks the Priori Incantatem, cuts Fleur free dives at her and casts the summoning charm for the Cup. The whirling maelstrom of portkey travel surrounds them but never seems to end, the screeching howl becoming everything until they land with a hard, lung-emptying thud in some nondescript field. Arm bleeding, magically and physically exhausted and his adrenaline running out Harry passes out and Fleur, after a few moments of checking on him, simply curls up against him and follows suit.

Strangers in a Strange Land:
- They wake to find the Cup melted to slag and set out on foot. Encountering some locals lets them know something is not right, their tools, clothing and the keep of the local Lord clues them in that they may have travelled through time.

- Making their escape, with some purloined supplies from the Lord who had less than honourable designs on Fleur, they spend the next two weeks hiking from Cornwall to London, also discovering it is 1361 AD.

- Camping each night in a magically created lean-to, sharing a blanket for warmth, at Fleur's insistence, not wanting a fire at night drawing unwanted attention, produces a very tantalising intimacy that Fleur rapidly begins to enjoy.

- Staying in an inn a few days shy of London Fleur declares that they'll only be needing one room, promptly drags Harry to the first bed they've seen in a while and proceeds to teach him the benefits of a sexy, French Veela girlfriend.

- Arrival in London, pre-Statute of Secrecy, is a bit of an eye-opener. Staying in a tavern one night Harry is propositioned by a prostitute named Maggie while Fleur is up in their room. Seeing Fleur's arrival the woman eyes her and says she'd bed Fleur too, no extra cost. Harry's jaw just about unhinges when Fleur smiles sinfully, looking the girl up and down and says that it's hard to refuse an offer like that. Come along Harry, there are more things you need to learn.

- The Goblins have yet to come to the surface, except for a few wars with the surface world, meaning there are no Galleons, Sickles or Knuts to be had. In exchange for the chance to examine Harry's unusually precise wand, an Ollivander happily crafts Fleur a new wand.

- Encountering a farmer and wizard named William who grows vegetables and several magical plants for Hogwarts and flies them up to Scotland once a month using a Thestral drawn cart. In exchange for a little bit of money and a promise to work with their magic on his farm for the next two weeks he'll take them with him on his next delivery.

- William and his wife have a fifteen year old daughter named Anne, who is clearly immediately smitten with Harry and often stares longingly at Fleur's long silvery blonde hair. Teaching Anne how to cast some skin and hair care spells with her mother's wand and whispering about the things boys do to beautiful girls sends the young woman's imagination into overdrive. The day before Harry and Fleur are to leave with William they make love in a patch of woods near the farmhouse and Anne spies on them before Fleur captures her and recruits her to their cause, so to speak.

- Arriving at Hogwarts they are met by the Deputy Headmistress... none other that Phyllida Spore. Their claims that they are time-travellers from the future gain significantly more credibility when Harry mentions they still use her book in Herbology, a book she's been working on for years but hasn't told anyone about yet.

- Harry is sorted into Slytherin, much to his amusement, and his placement puts him in 6th year. Fleur becomes the assistant librarian so she can trawl through Hogwart's books for possible solutions to returning back to the 20th century. Though they find nothing helpful over the next five months Harry soars through sixth and seventh year materials with Fleur's help. They also seduce or are seduced by several girls who they have befriend.

- Finding little they quit Hogwarts at the end of the year, purchase a couple of brooms, which are much more primitive at this point in history but are much improved by a quick tune up with 20th century spells, most notably the cushioning charm, and leave for London again. They'll try their luck instead in Paris, which, at this point in history, Fleur claims, possesses the greatest magical library in Europe (which will sadly be destroyed during the Reign of Terror).

- The journey to Paris is fraught with danger. A snooping thief amongst the crew of the ship they travelled upon, looking through their bags, discovers that they are bigger on the inside. Superstitious as they are they consider witches to be bad luck and Harry and Fleur are forced to pull their brooms out and fly the rest of the way to the coast of France, very draining on the far less efficient brooms.

- During a visit to the library, where Fleur surreptitiously uses a duplicating charm to make copies of what she knows to be books that were lost forever when the library was destroyed in the future. She has a run in with a young wizard who falls off a ladder when she asks him a question but, though embarrassed about his clumsiness in front of a beautiful woman, helps her find a particular book.

- While studying at the library Harry and Fleur befriend an artist, Renee, who is captivated by Fleur's beauty and wants to sketch a nude. Soon she finds herself a regular guest in Harry and Fleur's bed until the two of them decide to go and seek help from the Veela enclave that Fleur's family hails from, in Southern France.

- A fiery battle between Harry and a poacher who attempts to kidnap and enslave Fleur does a fair bit of damage to an inn and incites the locals.

- Reaching the Veela Enclave near Briançon they are not received overly warmly. Poachers have kidnapped several Veela recently when they'd left to obtain things that the Enclave cannot produce itself. Fleur is not of the clan, why did she come to them? She argues that she will be when she is born in the future. A test of her blood proves she shares lineage with them, but they are leery of Harry and put him to the test too - subjecting him to the allure of the entire Council and interrogating him. Harry remaining mostly lucid and answering, it seemed, truthfully, sees him granted entrance if he abides by their laws.

- While walking amongst the clan one of the elders, an almost senile seer, reacts badly to Harry's presence, saying there is darkness in him. Fear and panic almost takes hold until the High Witch examines him and localises it to his curse scar. Harry explains its nature and the High Witch tells him that it's more than just dark magic.

- Fleur, Harry and several enchanters make considerable progress designing a chamber that can hold a witch or wizard in a magical slumber for years with 'minimal ageing' but what they come up with will not be nearly enough by itself.

- A month after arriving, on All Hallow's Eve 1362, the preparations are complete and the Council performs a ritual to push the soul fragment out of his scar, Fleur anchors Harry's soul with her magic, to keep his soul from passing over too. They succeed but Harry suffers terribly, spasms so powerful he breaks ribs, tears muscles and stops breathing, though Fleur resuscitates him.

- Receiving medical care Harry is attended by Cherys, a Veela slightly younger than Fleur and skilled at healing. Helping Fleur to essentially sponge bath an unconscious Harry she causes Harry to have an erection and Fleur coaches her through oral sex, which Harry wakes up to. A week later a much recovered Harry and Fleur deflower the delighted Veela.

- Cherys' friend (who wishes she was more) Perenell, an accomplished potion brewer who made several that were used to treat Harry, attacks him publicly, seeming intent on undoing all the healing. Accusing him of betraying Fleur, despoiling Cherys. Fleur angrily defends that she's perfectly aware of what went on between her mate and Cherys, she instigated it and participated. Cherys slaps Perenell and runs away.

- Interrogated by the Council Fleur explains that she enjoys sex with both men and women and delights in bringing women to her bed with Harry to share with him. But if the Council wants them to refrain while at the enclave? No, it's uncommon for men to visit the enclave, most Veela who seek impregnation do so by leaving and it is very perilous outside the enclave. Many a Veela in the enclave want daughters of their own and learning that Fleur will share means not having to leave their safe home.

- A parade of Veela occupy Harry and Fleur's bed over the following weeks, including several more times, Cherys. However far more time is spent socialising with her, getting to know her, becoming real friends. Perenell eventually apologises and extends an olive branch to them all. She's come up with the start of a potion that might be able to further slow or delay any aging that they'd experience in an enchanted sleep, but it needs a lot more work.

- Together Harry, Fleur, Cherys and Perenell leave the enclave and go to Paris to consult the magical library there. Fleur, with Perenell, encounters the wizard who fell off a ladder in front of her last time she was in the library. He tells them a particular book they are taking off a shelf isn't worth reading and begins to show them the books that are worthwhile.

- It's only after he has been helping them for five minutes that he realises that he's in the company of beautiful women and starts stuttering and forgetting himself. Perenell, annoyed but amused, forcefully introduces herself to get him back on task and in turn she and Fleur learn who their helper is: Nicholas Flamel.

- Fleur leaves Perenell and Nicholas talking about alchemy while she goes to tell Harry what she has discovered and its probable significance for how they might return home. Cherys is astonished when they tell her, swearing her to silence, about the Flamels and their Philosopher Stone, still alive 600 years from now.

- Agreeing to fund Nicholas' work and sharing what little knowledge Harry and Fleur possess of the periodic table and 20th century chemistry they set themselves up in Paris, taking jobs. Fleur working at the library, intent on saving as much of it as possible. Cherys at the city's hospital. Harry apprenticing to a master in the curse breaker's guild.

- While at work Harry meets Claudia, a witch who shares the same antagonism he receives from several of the other apprentices in the guild. Both of them young and powerful, more talented and advancing more quickly than older students. Harry defends Claudia from the advances of one particularly obnoxious man and they strike up a friendship. After a few weeks she candidly suggests an afternoon together in her home. Harry reminds her that he has a lover, Fleur, whom she's met by this time. Claudia says she doesn't mind being a mistress and is amused to find out they already have one in Cherys. She's not dissuaded and soon joins the trio.

- More months pass and Nicholas makes a break through, bursting into Perenell's room waving a formula, shirt unbuttoned and eyes wild. It's fortunate that after she hauls him into bed and has her way with him that he is still able to figure out what he had discovered. A short time later he succeeds and makes a Stone and promptly proposes to Perenell who assents. It's only then Fleur and Harry tell them their foreknowledge of the two's future together - and warning them to make a fake stone for 1991.

- Harry finds himself reluctant to accept Nicholas' instruction in how to make his own Stone until he and Fleur speak to Cherys and Claudia who, after a lot of thought, agree to return to the 20th century with them. They travel back to the enclave where a 'tomb' has been prepared and after distributing a lot of transmuted gold and many trunks full of duplicated books followed by a rather debauched farewell party, they go to sleep.

- They are awoken only once before they return to their time. It's Easter Sunday 1945 and Grindelwald has come to Briançon seeking the Flamels, who have taken refuge, along with their Stone. Harry and his ladies take the field with Veela partisans and the Marquis du Vercors and battle Grindelwald. After a pitched battle Grindelwald flees sporting a grievous wound which will still leave him crippled when he is finally confronted by Dumbledore in a month's time.

- Finally they are awakened a week before the Third Task of the Tournament and return to Britain, disguise their aging with glamours and resume their lives. After proclaiming Voldemort's return they are soon explaining their adventure to Dumbledore who has seen through their glamours. The portrait of Phyllida Spore recognising the two lending quite a bit of credence to their claims. They also relate the knowledge of horcruxes they found during their trip and how they intend to proceed against Voldemort.

- Ron is steamed about Harry's and Fleur's rather public demonstration of their new relationship. Hermione is cautiously supportive but clearly suspects something has changed in her friend. She follows Harry one evening as he slips out of the Tower, using the Marauder's Map, and discovers Fleur, Cherys and Claudia and is told the truth. She is intensely curious about their relationship and very, very embarrassed by her curiosity.

- The Order is convened and Harry, being well and truly of age, goes not to Privet Drive but to Grimmauld Place. Introducing Fleur, Cherys and Claudia to the Order as his lovers results in coughing fits (Molly), spit-up fire whiskey (Sirius) and a wolf-whistle (Tonks). Harry and Dumbledore quickly hash out plans for information gathering, surveillance, safe houses, Voldermort's probable tactics.

- Harry takes Tonks up on her offer to drill anyone who wants to learn how to fight, telling her that there's probably things he can teach her. 'Oh? How to pick up hot French birds?' 'I could arrange a demonstration of how I managed to do so, if you're interested'. Tonks is pressed for a short while but ultimately gets inside his defences and knocks Harry out with an upper-cut, to his surprise. In-door close-combat being rather a specialty of Aurors, as opposed to area-combat in the field.

- Fleur and Tonks have hit it off, Claudia taking a shine to her as well, while Cherys has found fast friendship with Hestia. After a long day of reading dusty books Tonks declares she's taking the girls for party on the town and drags them off clubbing, a very new experience for not just Claudia and Cherys but Hestia as well. After getting kicked out when Tonks decks a pervert who got handsy with Fleur, she drags them to another type of club - a strip club.

- Coming back to Grimmauld Place, drunk as skunks, Hestia crashes out on the couch, Claudia and Cherys only make it to a bedroom with each other's help and Fleur drags Tonks into bed with her and Harry. Harry gets a show as the two make out and get as far as stripping to their waists before Tonks passes out and Fleur switches her attentions to him - though their noise rouses Tonks so that she gets a show of her own. In the morning Harry finds himself holding Tonks' hair as she empties her guts into the toilet and reassures the foggy-minded metamorphmagus that she didn't go very far last night with either of them.

- Fleur teasingly suggests that Tonks join them for a morning shower and is surprised when Tonks agrees. Naughtiness is kept to a minimum thanks to hang-overs and they make their way downstairs to find Cherys brewing hang-over cure while Claudia holds a bucket for Hestia's own morning salute. After everyone imbibes the cure Cherys and Claudia say they are going to go and take a bath, Fleur says she'll join them. Ron, witness to this, blurts out 'What, together?' Molly castigates him for such a vile and ridiculous thought. 'No, they are definitely going to bathe together, they wash each other's hair all the time'. Unacceptable, under the same roof as, as children! Shameful! 'But going to happen, regardless of what you think. Unless you believe Sirius would be opposed to naked, nubile young women soaping each other up?'. Besides he'd hate to be a hypocrite, Fleur was perfectly fine with him sharing a shower with another witch that morning, cue Tonks snorting tea out her nose and Molly's shocked realisation and more sputtered recriminations at the Auror's back as she abandons breakfast at a dead run for the Floo.

- The war progressing, Harry in several pitched battles against Death Eaters, both Tonks and Hermione eventually joining Harry and Fleur's unusual arrangement and a suitably grand finale.

Possible Squicky Twist:
One of the children born of Harry to the numerous Veela in the 14th century is actually one of Fleur's ancestors, effectively making Harry her many times great-grandfather. This is unlikely to bother the witch in question overly much however.