Begins: Summer after Fourth Year.
Ending: Unknown.

Alterations to Canon:
None, beyond fanon tropes.


Likely Harry/Daphne/Tracy/Fleur/Susan/Hannah/Tonks/Hermione

Benjamin Davis is the older brother of Tracy Davis and, like her, is a half-blood. He graduated with distinction from Hogwarts several years earlier, completed a law apprenticeship under his father about the same time and passed the Wizarding world's equivalent of the bar with an almost perfect result. Despite his stellar credentials he only manages to find work as a clerk under a far less competent pureblood lawyer working for one of the lower-tier law firms in Britain. He's as ambitious as a Slytherin (though he was sorted into Ravenclaw) and won't settle for this mediocrity, spending his days carefully reading, filing and cataloguing information, facts, secrets and other things which may become useful if he is presented with the right opportunity.

That opportunity, Ben discovers, is Harry Potter's survival of the Triwizard Tournament.

The lawyer he clerks for was part of a team hired by the Ministry to hammer out the rules and technicalities of the Triwizard International Agreement which established the recent tournament. He knows like the back of his own hand the rights, responsibilities and legalities, as they pertained to all parties involved - the schools, the various ministries and the participants themselves.

In order to participate a contender in the Triwizard is only eligible if the British Ministry of Magic recognises them as being of age to compete AND if they are chosen by the Goblet of Fire, not OR. When Dumbledore, Crouch and Bagman, signatories of the agreement and, every one of them, Department Heads or greater in the British Ministry told Harry he was a competitor in the Tournament they effectively recognised him as being of legal age in accordance with an legally binding contract, the Triwizard International Agreement.

Using his knowledge of the Muggle world, Ben sets out to find Harry during the summer. He eventually finds Harry and, after overcoming Harry's initial suspicion, he informs Harry of his status as what amounts to an emancipated minor and what opportunities that would offer him, should a competent lawyer file the appropriate papers and filings on his behalf. With Harry's retainer in his pocket, a single Galleon along with a rough temporary contract of employment, Ben jumps in with both feet and submits his resignation to the firm.

Soon Harry is recognised as legally emancipated and receives a notice informing him that he is now exempt from the Reasonable Restriction for Underage Magic. A notice concerning the re-activation of the Potter hereditary seat on the Wizengamot arrives and informs him of the three additional votes bequeathed to the Potter family by now extinct lines, during or after the last war. Ben helps Harry to file paperwork to assign a proxy to the seat and its votes, choosing to offer it, for at least the coming year, to Amos Diggory (at Ben's suggestion, after disqualifying McGonagall, Mad-Eye and Remus for various sensible and unfortunate reasons) and sending him a letter accompanying the offer, explaining that he wanted someone who he knew with certainty would oppose the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters.

Ben helps Harry to choose a criminal defence attorney, Melody Abbott, Hannah Abbott's cousin. She normally specialises in defending half-bloods and muggleborns being charged with obscure definitions of antiquated laws or on charges that would never be pressed on a pure-blood. Reviewing Harry's memories in a penseive she agrees to take Sirius' case but she'll need to arrange an actual meeting with him in order to become his counsel. Ben also reaches out to another lawyer who was the opposing counsel on a case he worked when he was with his old firm, Ted Tonks. Tonks specialises in representing muggleborns and half-bloods in inheritance proceedings where pureblood relatives often try to exclude them without legal justification. Ted is set on the trail of the James and Lily Potter's Wills, filed with a lawyer who was killed while they were in hiding, whose firm collapsed when both of its senior partners fled the country to escape being charged with criminal conduct and fraud. It takes a couple of weeks of digging through boxes, stored in one of the Ministry's immense archive rooms but Ted finds them. Harry meets Nymphadora when she drops in on her dad while Harry is at his office.

With the Wills found, and executed, Ben submits papers to Gringotts who then dispatch a letter informing Harry that he should come and unseal the Potter family's other vaults and that there are outstanding bequeathments of money, assets and other tangibles held in escrow for him in accordance with the Wills of various deceased magicals - mostly gifts, rewards and bounties paid on Voldemort after 1981. This tickles Ben's memories and he begins investigating another avenue of opportunity.

Meanwhile there's a ledger that records the Potter's many and varied business holdings, including shares and bonds in the Muggle markets, as well as a portfolio of properties. Many were agricultural land, cultivating magical crops and rearing magical animals and have been abandoned, fallen into disrepair or become fallow. Others are still occupied though and Ben's new interns (other highly skilled and under-appreciated workers from pureblood-run firms) begin a survey, making recommendations on repairs, renovations and hiring or acquiring new tenants. Some have been faithfully paying rent, others continuing to pay the Potter accounts their share of proceeds on profits, but some took the Potter's lack of an adult heir as permission to squat or pocket profit for themselves. Harry makes decisions on each case and has soon moved into a very nicely appointed home that his family owned and which is seized for back payments.

Lavender and her family have apparently been one of these families, her father having stopped making payments seven years earlier, when his business almost went under but never resumed or made up the payments when he got back on his feet. There's a rather substantial outstanding debt and while Harry is reluctant to press it he is supremely unimpressed when Lavender's father tries to essentially sell Lavender to him with a marriage contract worth the balance of the outstanding debt. Harry counters with a demand for a portion of her father's business as collateral, with that portion's profit share, in exchange for a no-interest seven year period for the outstanding debt to be repaid, otherwise he'll seize the business and the house... but only kick out Lavender's father should he default, promising Lavender that her mother and siblings will be free to stay on.

Ben meanwhile successfully infiltrates his old firm with Polyjuice and starts digging through the older records for hours before he recalls exactly what it is he is seeking: a ledger filled with families and businesses that died out or closed without any remaining heirs or lines but whose vaults still paid an annual, automatic retainer to the firm. Dirty business, but the likes of which will soon result in the firm becoming much, much poorer. 'Inheritance by Retribution', a claus in the wills of many old families stating that in the event their entire line is exterminated by an enemy or foe that the line, its monies and its assets can be inherited by the witch or wizard who brings retribution, killing the person responsible, and marrying a spouse who takes the family name and through the blood adoption of the offspring of that union, using blood held in stasis in the family's vault.

Harry is eligible to become the Head of many families who were annihilated during the last Blood War, with the Ministry's official recognition that Harry vanquished Voldemort in 1981. However he would need to take a wife for each of the families and eventually produce children by each of the women. Doing so would put enough money, influence and votes in his hands to almost single-handedly obstruct any pureblood supremacist move in the Wizengamot, control significant blocks of the economy and put at his disposal a lot of mercenary wands ready to fight any Death Eaters for a worthwhile pay-day.

The Likely Ladies:
Hermione and her parents are invited over to Harry's new home for a visit, Hermione is embarrassed but also excited when her mum takes her shopping for a new bikini because Harry's letter mentions that the place has a pool.

Tracy visiting her older brother's new private practice, with Daphne in tow, and getting to know Harry much better. Learning from Ben that Harry's about to become a hot commodity, so to speak, and that if she has any interest in him that she should make her intentions apparent sees Tracy make a move. Daphne following suit.

Meeting Hannah through her cousin Melody, possibly when Mel accompanies Harry to an off-the-record meeting with Amelia Bones about their efforts to get Sirius exonerated, encountering Susan at her Aunt's home.

Roping Hermione into accompanying him to France when Harry goes to look into some of the holdings the Potters have there and subsequently running into Fleur on her first week on the job at Gringotts Paris.

Tonks moonlighting as Harry's bodyguard whenever she's off-duty.

Running into Katie at a Quidditch match, Hollyhead vs. Puddlemere.

Lavender seeing Harry in a whole new light after his face-off with her father and Harry's refusal - on principle, he assures her, not for any other reason - to accept a marriage contract to her, filling her with a curiosity towards her fellow Gryffindor.

Luna ambushes Harry looking for an interview for the Quibbler.

The Wild Card:
Dumbledore is initially unaware of the changes in Harry's circumstances, having gone about visiting old friends and allies, getting the Order of the Phoenix back together, his ICW responsibilities, searching for next year's DADA professor, a new attempt by Lucius Malfoy to manipulate the Board of Governors, an old friend come looking for a favour. When he discovers how Harry has asserted himself and with the help of who, what will his response be? Antagonistic? Manipulative? Grey/Dark? Compromise, looking to use Harry's new political capital to force Fudge into action?