Begins: Summer after Fourth Year.
Ending: Unknown.

Alterations to Canon:
None, beyond fanon tropes.


Inspired, in part, by Grenouille's 'More Than Familiar'.
Human!Hedwig, though in this case she is/was always an owl.

Harry is stuck at Privet Drive during the summer with absolutely nothing to do, nothing to distract him from nightmares about Cedric or Voldemort, no one to talk to about it... except Hedwig. Talking with his owl and envious of her ability to just fly out and do whatever she wished he decides that there's one thing he can try to do over the summer, something he's been meaning to do since he learned about his father.

The Animagus transformation didn't require any spells and was almost certainly undetectable by ordinary means, given Rita Skeeter's flagrant abuse of her form in the presence of other witches and wizards, even the likes of Dumbledore, so surely he should be able to practice working on it during the summer without the Ministry coming down on him.

He has long suspected that his form was a bird of some sort, he'd followed the instructions in one of the few books in Hogwarts' library on animagus transformations, having succeeded in a trance state with a little help from inhaling the smoke from burning certain magical herbs. He never clearly remembered them but he always awoke with the feeling that he should be able to fly. When Halloween had arrived and he found himself stuck in the Triwizard Tournament he'd put off any further efforts to focus on not ending up dead.

For days Harry tries to attain the right meditative state but can never quite do so, no thanks to the Dursleys with Petunia's high pitch voice that carries so far, Vernon's oft heard bellowing at whatever on TV has offended his bigoted sensibilities and Dudley's elephantine girth shaking the house whenever he moved about. A different method occurs to him and Harry sets himself to studying Hedwig, trying to superimpose her shape over his own sense of his arms, legs and body. The more he stares into her large, unblinking gaze the stronger the sense of connection between them grows.

Harry has always felt a tingle of knowledge whenever he was in Hedwig's presence, able to sense her mood or if she was hungry or in pain. Now he can feel her thoughts, which gradually become more and more clear to him, soon he can tell when she's thinking about specific things and then he realises that she's thinking about him. As several more days pass Harry starts to be able to feel changes inside his body, his vision and the sensation of his arm, meanwhile Hedwig's familiar bond to him continues to deepen and broaden and her thoughts grow increasingly more complex and intellectual rather than basic and instinctual.

When he starts changing his fingers and then fore-arms Hedwig observes the changes and considers that if her Harry can change into a bird then how hard could it really be for her to change herself into a human? More days pass, almost a month since his return to Surrey and he successfully makes the transformation, becoming a Peregrin Falcon. After his success he can almost perfectly understand her barks and chirps as though they were the words of any other person and, it seems, Hedwig seems to understand him just as clearly. Watching Harry's attempts to fly sees her forcefully inform him that she'll teach how to actually fly, not like when he's a lumpy human who hurtles through the air on some magical stick.

A day later they are out flying around the neighbourhood and Harry asks Hedwig to lead him to Hermione's house, eager to show her his achievement and finally talk to someone other than Hedwig. Soaring over the patchwork of houses until they arrive in a rather nice neighbourhood, Hedwig dives towards a sizeable two story house and glides down and around the house into its backyard. Hedwig's arrival, landing on a poolside recliner right between Hermione and Ginny, surprises them, as does the lack of any letter. This detail however is soon forgotten as a larger bird soars majestically into the yard after her... before it abruptly pitches over and crash lands with a huge splash in the backyard pool. When the falcon abruptly transforms back into a trashing, soaked, altogether familiar black-haired, green-eyed boy, Hermione leaps off her recliner and jumps into the pool, rushing over to help him get out of the pool.

Climbing out of the pool Hermione excitedly proclaims that he is an animagus, how amazing it is, of course Harry would be a flying creature, do you need a towel, it's good to see you! Only when she hugs him does she suddenly understand his borderline catatonia and also the likely reason for his ungraceful splashdown... she and Ginny had been sunbathing topless. 'Hermione, wow, see you good, nice, er, hello'. A furiously blushing Hermione quickly accepts a towel from the smirking Ginny who has already slipped a shirt on.

Once the three teens finally stop blushing and are able to look each other in the eye again properly they quickly catch up again with Hermione and Ginny eagerly interrogating him over his animagus transformation. Ginny wants to know what his Marauder name is and when she finds out he has none wants to come up with it for him. Shouldn't he wait until Sirius and Remus have seen him? Does he really want them to come up with a name for him? He's likely to end up called 'Tweety' or 'Birdie' or 'Beaky'. Fair point. Hermione however really wants to learn how to become one herself, she tried to learn herself but found herself coming out of the trance gagging.

Ginny has been visiting Hermione using the Floo connection the Grangers have had installed in one of their house's fireplaces (they have three and only ever use one). Hermione invites Harry to come over any time he likes, her parents usually work from noon until seven or eight at night. Harry can't help but imagine and hope he'll find the two girls sunbathing again... but on his next visit he chickens out and lands beside the side gate to the house and calls out to Hermione. Feeling simultaneously pleased by his thoughtfulness and a little amused she tells Harry that she won't be upset if he happens to see her breasts again. She picked it up the habit of sunbathing topless on the Granger's previous holidays to France's beaches.

At the blush on his face and the quick, furtive glance of his gaze towards her bikini top cleavage Hermione chews her lip briefly and then takes her top off again. Harry gawks for a long drawn out moment and then tears his gaze away apologising before Hermione has to snap him out of it, his awkward apology is dismissed and Hermione, secretly pleased by his clear appreciation for her full C-cup bust, invites him inside for a drink. It takes almost the whole afternoon for Harry to completely relax and when he leaves to return home she hugs him goodbye.

When Hermione bares her breasts in front of Harry when Ginny is next visiting the red-head is astonished and a little intimidated, feeling a little pressured to copy her but feeling inferior because her B's don't measure up to Hermione's C's. She wants Harry to look at her like he looks at Hermione though and so she follows Hermione's lead and feels elated that Harry takes plenty of time to appreciate her body too. Soon they've convinced Harry that he should remove his shirt as well, revealing his own toned body... and some scars that Harry asks them not to ask him about.

Meditating in the shade of one of the largest trees in the Granger's backyard the three of them follow Harry's instructions, including using the burning herb mixture which Hermione slips away to Diagon Alley to buy, they each begin making progress on their visions. Ginny is the first to discover her creature, she didn't see herself but she saw her tail... she's a Red Fox. Hermione's gagging reaction returns briefly but then she, embarrassed, reveals it's hairballs... she's a cat of some sort, medium sized.

Another week passes with Hermione and Ginny both being quite tactile with Harry and Hermione and Ginny often plot together in advance of Harry's visits how they'll wind him up on the day, should they get him to rub suntan lotion into their backs? While meditating under the tree one day they are suddenly surprised when a completely unknown girl suddenly drops out of the tree branches above them, landing on top of Harry. She's completely naked, slim and lithe with a very well proportioned body and snow white, lustrous hair flowing half way down her back.

Her slightly too large and golden eyes meet his and she suddenly starts babbling: 'Ouch! Bad! Heavy! Stupid! Hurts! Fingers! Harry! Cold! Ground! Hermione!' and many other blurted words. She clambers awkwardly off of Harry and grabs at Hermione who is standing over them, inadvertently hauling her down on top of Harry, Ginny watching the whole scene with her mouth agape. After a few moments Harry asks: 'Hedwig?'. 'Yes!'. Then she blinks, flaps her arms up and down and suddenly a snowy owl is flying back up to land in the tree. Once Harry and Hermione, blushing furiously, untangle themselves, they try to coax Hedwig down again and to transform back but even the offer of bacon doesn't make any headway. Harry says he thinks she is feeling embarrassed, Hedwig barks at him. Apparently human bodies are stupid and heavy.

Latter that night Hermione is in her room getting ready for bed when Hedwig arrives outside her window, not even thinking about it Hermione opens the window for her best friend's owl, but of course it's not a letter from Harry. Instead Hedwig flies over to Hermione's bed, lands and transforms into a human: Changing makes her tired! Harry learned to fly from her, Hermione can teach her how to walk! Clothing? Does she have to? Hermione doesn't wear it much when Harry is around! Hedwig starts fondling her breasts and Hermione is both embarrassed and turned on when the girl starts making little moaning sounds. Did she do it wrong? They feel different! Suddenly Hedwig is fondling Hermione who squeaks in surprise, Hedwig remarks that Hermione's are softer!

Meeting the Order:
- Dursley's lured away by Tonks' prank letter and she accompanies Harry up to his room to pack his stuff... only to discover a girl sitting on Harry's bed cross-legged, wearing one of his shirts and nothing else apparently, flipping through one of Harry's books.

- Eventually placating Tonks that Hedwig is actually, despite all evidence, an owl, his owl, they finish packing and Hedwig transforms back into her normal self and sets herself on Harry's should, nuzzling his head. Harry blushes as Tonks smirks at him.

- When told that they'll be flying to their next destination Harry tells Tonks she's getting her wish, she can fly his Firebolt. What will he fly? Harry transforms into his falcon form and together he and Hedwig take to the skies.