Title - Up to you to decide

Fandom - Harry Potter

Tags - Yandere/Overprotective, Harem, Ecchi, Romance, Adventure, Pheromones

Pairing - Harry Potter x Yandere/Overprotective Narcissa Malfoy x Harem [Yandere / Overprotective Narcissa is a must!]


1) Other than giving Harry the ultimate protection by sacrificing her life, she tries to give him the best life possible adding in a little dark magic that makes his pheromones stronger to the opposite sex, which means that they are more likely to protect, love and follow him.

2) No Dumbledore nor Weasley bashing. Sure, they can take a few jabs, but nothing more serious than that.

3) Naricssa was friends with Lily Potter and takes care of Harry after she finds where he is located, and is horrified by the treatment that he has been getting from the Dursley's. Her relationship between Lucius and Malfoy is seriously strained.

4) Harry is to be sorted into either Gryffindor or Hufflepuff.

5) Lemons, they don't have to be in the story, but if you feel comfortable with them, then go ahead and incorporate them into the chapters at your pleasure. You can incorporate any fetish or kink that you want into the story if you are doing lemons. If an Older Woman is in the Harem, then pregnancy will obviously be one of the kinks/fetish.

So, yes that is the general idea for this challenge fic. I have left a lot of it open apart from those five rules that need to be in the story.


Ecchi simply means 'lewd' things, such as partial nudity where the underwear is shown. Any accidental mistakes such as an upskirt view.


The general idea is that when Voldemort comes to kill him, Lily added a little 'dark' magic to ensure that Harry will live a comfortable life.

It is up to you if Lily survives or dies.

If she survives, then her dark magic backfires on her and she becomes a Yandere with Narcissa for Harry.

What happens is that Harry's pheromones are stronger to the opposite sex, meaning that they are more likely to love him and take care of him (Petunia, Aunt Marge - if necessary).

However, that is the opposite of the males. They will somehow feel 'threatened' by him and will either try to avoid him, or the more prideful ones will try to get rid of him or injure him to try and prove that they are better than him (Dursley and Dudley).

Be warned that there is no Dumbledore bashing nor Weasley bashing. Everyone can take a few jabs and perhaps a few wake-up calls, but nothing more than that.

Now, how Narcissa comes into play, I just really wanted to read a fanfiction in where Narcissa is either a Yandere for Harry or is extremely overprotective of him.

Narcissa was indeed friends with Lily Evans back in Hogwarts as Narcissa wasn't too pureblood heavy, it was only a mask that she had to convey strength and not be ridiculed by her family or the Slytherin house. Only Bellatrix and Andromeda know of this.

Her love life to Lucius Malfoy is non-existent. Meaning that she will gladly find a few stipulations in her marriage contract to be with Harry after finally finding him after many years of searching.

She doesn't care about Lucius and she has very little love for her son, Draco as he took too much from her husband personality wise and even with his views upon the world.

Harry x Yandere / Overprotective Narcissa is the main pairing, and she will be the one who decides on who can also be with Harry. She will be the Alpha for the women.

 - If Lily survives in your story, she also becomes Yandere and is also the Alpha, with her and Narcissa having the same rank as each other, although Lily has a higher standing due to her being Harry's mother.

To play into that, Harry will have a domineering / dominating personality and due to his pheromones, the females will be more submissive to him.


Narcissa becomes a Professor or even a Healer at Hogwarts to make sure that she stays close to Harry and finds any potential candidates to get into Harry's Harem.

If you really want, you can also have Molly Weasley be in the Harem. You can make her be in the Harem in any way you want.

Now, for the lemons, you don't have to do it if you are not comfortable.


In this story, Harry will be a 'light' Wizard, meaning that he fights Deatheaters and Voldemort, but he will know some Dark Magic and curses to better protect himself and his friends and loved ones.

Once Sirius Black has solid evidence to prove that he is innocent, he will be released officially by the Minstry of Magic.

However, Sirius Black will NOT have a love interest, as the woman that he loved dearly; Marlene McKinnon died during the war, meaning that he doesn't have an heir. Since Harry is his Godson, he will make him the heir, as he doesn't want someone like Draco to get his hands on the title.

Harry will be the heir of two houses; Potter and Black. No more than that.


Once Harry gets to Hogwarts, he is either placed in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. He does still play Quidditch as a Seeker, he will also have a liking for Magical Creatures.


Hogwarts starts at 13 years of age, so the sorting can be more refined and the students can grow into their personalities.

Harry sees Hermione as a rival in schooling, however, once he notices her alone and basically friendless halfway through the school year, he starts to become friends with her.

This means that Hermione will be Obsessed with Harry and will follow him to the end of the world and do anything for him. Anything. (No, you cannot kill her)

Harry also befriends Luna Lovegood early on in the story. To be honest, who doesn't love that blonde?


If you can make Minerva McGonagall into a prominent character towards Harry that would be appreciated. She can either be in the Harem with him or she can be extremely mothering and doting to him, always trying to make him happy.

!Dark Lily (If she survives!) Neutral Harry.

Little to no bashing!

So, if you are interested in this, please let me know. If you want to talk more about it, then I will always be open to it. Have a good day/night and stay safe!