I'll be honest, this was going to be a Naruto crossover originally! However, the terms of this site don't really allow for that, so I have adapted it for Harry's sake.

This must take place after or during the chamber of secrets.

Harry is a multi-animagus, with the ability to turn into: T-Rex (Rexy), Raptor (Blue), Ankylosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Triceratops, Dilophosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Titanaboa and I-Rex

If you let Harry do this during the CoS, have him fight the basilisk using these pre-historic badasses! If not, give him something to fight! I mean, third year has dementors, fourth has dragons! Who wants to see Rexy bite a Hungarian Horntail?

Make Harry aware that his animal forms are female. He is still male, but damn, that adds a little bit of comic relief, no?

This isn't a requirement, but maybe have Hagrid be super knowledgeable about Dinosaurs? It sorta fits with him doesn't it?

Pairings: HPLL, HPBellatrix, HPPatilTwins, HPHG, HPDG, HPFD, HPGW and HPNT. A wide range of pairings that appeal to a large demographic. You see, the chart says...

Make his animagus forms fully grown. So big ass Rexy, big ass Indy, big ass titanaboa... You get the picture.

If you want, you CAN add Gray Mitchell, but if you do, give him a main role, have him replace Ron or something, ya'know? There is a lot of Ron hate, so if you can give him a bit of a bash, but try to make him redeemable.

Don't add Zack Mitchell, he kinda came across as a bit of a dick, don't think the story could handle it. You can add him if you want, but make him a seventh year if you do.

Maybe add Clair or Owen as the Care for Magical Creatures Profs? Could have Clair as a sort of... Good Umbridge? Ya'know, goes around pointing out problems but in a tactical way. And also less of a bitch.

All I can think of, so here comes the random chapter, you can figure out which fic it's from. Just looked at the word count. Over 2 thousand people and no one wants to try these? Are they that bad or are challenges getting old now? Please, someone tell me!

We begin our story in Little Whinging, where a young seven year old is slaving away at the back garden of number four Privet Drive, which is completely normal. Wait, what? This young child shouldn't be doing this type of work, at most he should occasionally do the dishes or maybe help sweep the living room floor. He shouldn't have to be using a lawn mower at this age, nor should he be pruning rose bushes with pliers that aren't meant for such young hands. Just what is going on here?

Unfortunately, this is the average daily life of one Harry Potter. This small child, too small for his age, constantly slaves away at chores for his "family", who repay him by beating him Ino unconsciousness and locking him into a cupboard under the stairs. Let's get closer an take a look into the life of this poor child, whose life will soon be flipped upside down, shook a little bit and then opened up for all manner of wierd occurrences to... occur.

"Boy!" Came the enraged shout of a walrus sized man, with a large moustache, who was currently turning a dangerous shade of magenta. Harry always thought his uncle should be checked for high blood pressure, just in case that was the cause of his uncle's rapid colour changing. "Why aren't you finished out here boy! Get your sorry ass inside now before I have to tan your hide enough to fry eggs!"

This scentence was what brought poor Harry out of his train of thought, and had him scurrying towards the back door. As soon as Harry entered the house, his Aunt Petunia shoved a few burnt toast crusts into his hands, at which point his Uncle Vernon grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and threw him into the cupboard under the stairs, then slamming and locking the door. Harry didn't care though. The nice man with no face always let him out anyway.

Several hours later, the Dursley family had headed off to bed, with only his cousin Dudley still awake, playing some game on his new computer most likely. Then, Harry heard the anticipated sound. It sounded like a cross between radio static, and that nice sound you hear when cooking bacon. Either way, Harry lived the sound, as it brought with it his best, and only, friend. The lock in the other side of the cupboard door was tinkered with a bit, before the being on the other side gave up, and did something which made the nice static sound again, before appearing in Harry's cupboard.

The being was tall. Incredibly so. So talk in fact that fitting inside the cupboard would normally be impossible, as he wouldn't fit through the door, however simply 'static-ing', as Harry tended to call it, allowed for the being to get in easily. Said being was wearing an all black suit I the finest quality, with a white shirt and black tie, along with silver cuff links. His shoes were business like and even when cramped into a small area like this, the being managed to keep some form of dignity. Oh, and this person had no face. None. It was as if someone had taken an eraser and just rubbe it all over a persons face, leaving naught but a blank area on his head. No eyes, no nose, mouth, ears or hair. Oh, and this guy was really skinny. Thin as a wip, and probably as smart as one too.

Harry smiled. He liked this person, whoever he was. He never made fun of him, hit him or stole his food. He always appeared when Harry was at his lowest and comforted him, simply holding him an listening as Harry told the being what happened. Of course, Harry didn't know this man's name. So Harry improvised, making a new one each time and seeing of the man liked it. Harry really liked this one though, so he hoped his friend soul like it.

"Are you ready for tonight's name?" Harry inquired. The faceless one nodded, and Waite patiently. "Okay! Here we go! Tonight's name is... Slenderman!" At that moment, the now dubbed Slenderman froze and shook for a second, before turning his head toward Harry and nodding. 

Harry couldn't believe it! Finally, a name that he likes! Slenderman, Slenderman, Slenderman! The best thing was, it had come to him only a day ago, when someone said the word slender to describe a person. Harry had instantly realised that it connected with his friend, so he started thinking of names before eventually coming up with the simplest. Slenderman!

They stayed up the entire night, waiting for the sun to come up, as tht was when Slenderman had to go back to the forest he lived in. If Harry ever got free time, he always visited Slenderman there, if only to give him some company, although Slenderman would tell him to leave sometimes. A lot of people went missing in that forest, so Slenderman was probably protecting him from whatever it was that was taking people.

"It was nice seeing you again Slenderman! I'll see you again tomorrow!" Slenderman nodded and waved slightly, before the nice static sound was heard and Slenderman was gone.

Four years later:

It had been a whole year since Harry had last seen Slendy. A while back, Slendy had started teaching him, after he had shown the ability to teleport. Harry had then managed to recreate the Static-Port, as he called it, and showed it to Slendy when he next met him. Slendy had clapped and started Static-Porting alongside Harry. By this point, Harry thought that he could learn more stuff from Slendy, so he asked. Slendy seemed hesitant, but he nodded, and thought Harry something that he never expected.

He taught Harry how to grow tentacles from his back.

Currently, Slendy had the ability to make fifty tentacles, with a range of eleven metres. Harry was trying to catch up, but only managed twenty five, with a range of seven metres. Slendy seemed shocked, at least as shocked as someone with no face could seem, when he saw how many Harry could make. 

Slendy then taught Harry how to make a most, and where to hit someone to knock them out. Harry went giddy with this one, as he had seen a big man with a bigger sword do something similar on the TV. This caused him to learn the lines from this scene, and then use them. When he tested this against Slendy, he wrote that he could be pretty scary if he managed to deepen his voice a little.

Harry had learned this all by the time he was nine, and he was prou of that. When Harry was ten, Slendy gave Harry a clipping of his suit, before Static-Porting away. He had taught Harry a way to conceal his face and then left. Harry hadn't seen him since then.

Now though, Harry was receiving letters from people claiming to be wizards! What does this mean? Would Slendy know about this? He hoped so, because he was about to go into the forest. This forest was Slendy's home, and a lot of people ha gon missing there recently. So many that the police ha closed it to the public. Harry wasn't scared though. Harry knew the area pretty well from his time with Slendy, so he headed into the forest to try and find him. He was completely unaware that someone was watching him enter the forest.