The meta activated the time warp equiptment as he fell from the cliff, without using the AI. This resulted in major miscalculation, causing him to be thrown FAR into the past. Of course, our favourite boy-who-has-too-many-hyphenated-names finds him as he lands in the woods nearby his house.


Harry investigates, finds Maine's body and tries to wake him up by shoving him a bit. This causes a wierd reaction between Harry's magic and the still 'living' AI in the Meta armour, causing the AI to transfer to Harry at the cost of the majority of his magic.

The specifics have arrived!

Harry has access to the following AI: Theta (his favourite, because Theta is badass and you all know it) Delta, Omega (because we need a little bit of sadism), Tex's AI (because we have established she's an AI, correct? If not... AU, the fanfic authors' solution to everything!), Sigma and Gamma (ya dirty shisno).

Harry HAS to eventually go back to the future (LOL) and meet the Reds and Blues, if only to piss off some people.

Harry can recreate some weapons from the Halo franchise, but don't let him get to vehicles. Exception being the Warthog.

If you let Harry recreate weapons, he can create these ones specifically: Brute Shot/Grif Shot, the Gravity Hammer, Type 25 Plasma Pistol, his own version of the Energy Sword/Key, Z-250 Lightrifle.

Harry cannot use magic. Exceptions being REALLY minor spells, like alohamora, incendio and wingardium leviosa. Maybe stupefy.

Harry CAN'T use Maine's armour. He can create his own and try to model it after Maine's, but Maine's armour is pretty much dead. Ya'know, coz of the whole 'magic screws with tech' thing.

If you want a pairing, try to go with a Harry/Luna or a less explored pairing. Just try to make it unique. Heck, make it slash if ya want. Just... don't pair Harry with Donut. Just don't pair him with Tex either, try to go with her being a mother figure if you can. There is also the fact that Church would be pissed off and I don't think that a fic could take the amount of fourth wall breaking abuse that Church can fire off.

Does Harry get a pet? Sure! He can have any pet ranging from a miniature Nundu, to a baby basilisk. all up to you. Can be magical or mundane.

Finally, make sure Harry is powerful enough to get over his slightly major problem of extreme lack of regainable magic. Use the time warp, hard light dome shield, speed boost etc. The armour mods can be recreated with help from the AI if you are wondering.

Bonus Round!

Bonus points for giving Harry some sort of throat injury, so he can go all Meta-y.

Little Dumbles bashing wouldn't go amiss, but nothing too intense. Just point out a couple of flaws and try to keep him redeemable.

Harry is going to be badass, so lets give him a badass title, yes? The Meta was the original, now its time to bring a new player to the game!

Have him emulate Theta a bit, ya'know! Seriously, Theta's awesome! If I could choose any of the AI it would be him.

Have Gamma teach Harry some of his Knock Knock jokes. 

"Knock knock" 'Who's there?' "You" 'You who?' "You dirty shisno"


YAY! New challenge! And I'm gonna be trying this aswell, so whoever decides to do this, try to outdo me! Please! Thats one of the reasons I write these challenges, so that I can see people surpass my own work! 

Knock Knock
Who is there?
You Are
You Are Who?
You are a dirty dirty shisno ha ha ha


Gamma:What is the most foul smelling animal on your planet?

Church:A skunk. Wait, does shisno mean skunk?

Gamma:Not exactly, does a skunk defecate?


Gamma:And does the skunk's defecation in turn produce its own excrement?

Church:Ew no!

Gamma:Then there is no equivalent for shisno in your language.


Gamma:Like you would not believe.


Sarge: You mean you could of turned off the bomb this entire time, and you didn't say so! And don't say I-

Gamma: You didn't ask.

Sarge: Dammit

Preview: Bioshock

"You may not have wanted me father, but you defined me. You chose to survive, no matter the cost, and I will not let your instincts go to waste. The Rapture dream is over, and in waking I am reborn. You'll always be with me father, your memories, your drives. When I need you, you'll be there; whispering over my shoulder. There is no name for what I am, but the world is about to change. And with your help, they will never see me coming." 


Eleanor looked into the ocean, glaring at her appearance. "Why the bloody hell do I look thirteen!"


Meanwhile, a few hundred miles away,


"C'mon Harry!, Stop looking at the sea! You see water every other minute, I think you can manage without looking at it for the moment." This came from a freckled, ginger boy, who seemed to miss Harry's look of worry.


"Sorry, Ron. I just think... Something's going to happen. And it's going to be bad." Harry replied. Ron laughed, "Don't worry about it! You dealt with a werewolf and time travel last year! I'm sure it's nothing, now quit your worrying and lets get back to mum, she'll go nuts if we don't show up for the trip home!"


As the duo walked away, an old fashioned looking scuba suit washed ashore. Within this suit was a thirteen year old girl who looke extremely pissed. "Last time I take the sub. Damn thing broke down about a mile off shore, how useless is that!?" She stopped ranting as she took stock of her surroundings. "This is... new. Where are we, Father?" She asked herself, hearing a quiet voice tell her her location. "Greenland? Annoying... Let's find the nearest transport to Britain, shall we? Its time we payed some people a visit..."